Friday, August 03, 2007

Update Continued......

July 28

Happy Birthday to me!!!! Yay I turned 25 this year. Crazy to think where does the time go?
My Mom, Dad and Holly picked the 3 of us up at 6:30am and headed to Grandma G.G's house. Then we were off to Cheyenne WY for Frontier Day's. We meet up with Aunt Jo, Uncle Ron, Kendra, Melissa, Chad and there 3 kids to watch the parade.

After the parade we walk around downtown for awhile and then went to a Gunfighting Show. I used to love this show when I was little.

After the show we went to the Cheyenne Mall and walked around. They had this ride Jack, my Dad and I road. It was like we where riding on a roller coaster. Jack loved this. When I was very young and came to this mall they had this ride. My Dad and Aunt Sandy went on it but I wasn't allowed to ride. I was so sad I couldn't ride. SO when Jack said he wanted to ride I said yes. I didn't want him to have a bad memory like I did! He had a blast!

After the mall we all headed to Mom and Dad's for dinner. This was Gillian's 1st time at Grandma and Grandpa's house! James, Danny, Nikki and her kids along with one of Holly's friends all come to dinner.

July 29

We went out to breakfast at The Back porch to celebrate my birthday as well as Mom and Iain's Anniversary. We had quite the the turn out. Jess, Sissy, Audrey, Logan, Dave, Audrey's roommate and her Dad. Jack and Logan are such great buddies! They get along sooo well. Gillian just slept and was so good!

After breakfast we went home to rest and then about 3pm Mom and Iain came and picked us up to go to Denver to see Cirque Du Soleil Corteo. We had a blast! We couldn't bring in a camera but I got some pics off there website

August 2nd

After 10 years I have finally cut my hair. It was time I never had time to do my hair and I always just wore it up. And thanks to my wonderful Mother-In-Law she got me a gift certificate to get it done!!! Thank you!!! I love my new look. I woke up this morning to NO tangles or messy hair. It just laid perfect and is ready to go. All I have to do is blow dry my hair and go! SO nice!!!

Well I think you are finally updated for now! Hope you have a great day/night!

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beth said...

Wow...everything looks so fun! And your parents look the same as always...just like when we were little! Tell Holly she looks great in those glasses! They are a really nice look for her! Ahh...your grandma is so cute! She is just the sweetest thing ever! Also...I have to tell you again that I just love your hair! It looks great! I was going to ask you about Danny and his girlfriend...things must be going well, ehh?


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