Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Privacy Mom"
April 21, 2009

So I put Gillian on the potty and she looks at me and says "Privacy Mom!" SO I say "OK"
I walk out the bathroom and shut the door. I start to unload the dishwasher when I hear a lot of noise coming from the bathroom. I quietly peek in on her to see what Miss Gillian is up too and what did I see! She was standing on the potty taking stickers off her Potty Chart! So I quietly ran and grabbed my camera. I couldn't just leave this to memory I had to capture it.

Gillian is potty trained now! If you haven't heard already! She wears Big Girl Panties during the day and only wears Pull Ups at nap time and during the night! SO yay! Gillian!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cooking with Gillian!
March 09, 2009

I started to make dinner and Gillian ran into the kitchen asking if she could help. We made Calzones with home made dough. Gillian help pour the ingredients into the bowl and then helped roll out the dough. We had such a great time!

Gillian rolling out the dough!

Gillian rubbed her face with her very floured hands! LOL

Look at that face!
After all the dough was rolled out Gillian wanting to play with the flour!
What a fun Mother Daughter night! I have always enjoyed cooking with Jack and now that Gillian wants to cook too! I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Training!
March 1, 20 & 29 2009

Well as you way know that Arizona is home for many teams spring training. We went to 3 of the games. They are so much fun. We get the cheap lawn tickets, which are the best when you have kids. They have lots of room to run and play. I pack up lots of coloring books and toys for them while we "watch" the game. We had lots of special people join us for the three games. On March 1st we went with our friend Bob. March 20th we went with Bob, My Brother Danny and our friends Jim and Beth from Colorado. And the last game we went to Bob joined us as well as Ryan's Dad Bob! We had so much fun at all the games.

March 1, 2009

Ryan and Bob

Gillian wearing Bob's cape.
Jack and Gillian by the fence.
Jack fell asleep on the way home reading a book.
Gillian feel asleep on the way home from the game too!
March 20th Game

Gillian, Beth, Jim, Ryan and Bob
Beth and Gillian
Jack eating ice cream out of a plastic Baseball Hat!
Gillian enjoying a bit of ice cream too!
Danny, Jack, Gillian and I!
Ryan and Jack
Uncle Danny and Gillian

Jack and I
Gillian and Ryan
Jack, Danny, Gillian and I
Beth and Jim
March 29th Game!

Jack and Gillian going straight for the puddle.
Grandpa Bob and Gillian
Gillian playing music.


Bob playing with the kids.
Gillian drinking some water!
Gillian, Grandpa Bob, Ryan, Jack and Bob
Jack and I on the way home.
Gillian fell asleep on the way home once again!
Jack on the way home!
We had a blast at these games!!!


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