Lets Get Organized!!!!

School Papers!!

I didn't want to throw away Jack's and soon to be Gillian's school projects and art work. But I couldn't just keep letting them pile up! SO I decided to make little binders to hold their special work.




Jack's Pre-K Binder Lil' Jags Preschool 2008-2009

Jack loves his binders! =)
Here are a few pages from his Pre-K binder.

Jack's Kindergarten Binder! Anthem School 2009-2010


I am in the process of working on Jack's 1st grade book as well as Gillian's Preschool book! The kids love looking back at all their work and so do I! =) Plus I LOVE not having the BIG tote full of papers!

Hope you have a fabulous day!!!!


Tanya C. said...

So can I bring over the big box I have of jordans first year at school and u make me one? Love the idea. Maybe ill have to try it?

Kristin McConnell said...


You should totally try it! Its super easy and tons of fun!! =)

Tanya C. said...

We did it! it is packed full and i think i'll give it some time before i thin it out. R u planning on making one for 1st grade too?

Kristin McConnell said...

Way to go Tanya!!!! Doesn't it feel great?! Yes I started a 1st grade one at the beginning of the year. Its for sure not a large as the preschool or kindergarten ones. =)


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