Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where did SUMMER Go?!?!?!?

We had such fun Summer! Time just flies by when your having fun!  Jack started 2nd grade!!! Wait What? 2ND GRADE!!!!!! No Way!! He can't be going into the 2nd grade already.

His teacher this year is Mrs. Carlton at CLPE. We really like her so far! His BFF Joel is on his class and they both are just so excited! Jack told me that his only worry for this year was that Joel wasn't going to be in his class!!!

Gillian just started Pre-K. Yep Pre-K that means my little baby girl will be in Kindergarten NEXT YEAR!!! She loves her teacher Miss Lisa check out her class blog at:
She has already made several good friends. She is in the Lunch Bunch Enrichment program and goes from 9:30AM-2PM she is always sad when its time to go home. Its just not long enough for her!


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