Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jack joined Cub Scouts!!!!

Jack started Cub Scouts this year! He is having such a blast and really learning some important life skills and lessons. His 1st Den Meeting was on September 29, 2011. What a fun group of boys we have in our Den/Pack. Most of the boys are in Jack's 2nd grade Class or at least in the 2nd Grade at CLPE.

His 1st Pack meeting we met at The LaPorte Presbyterian Church on September 1, 2011. The boys went outside to play several games while the parents talked about the up coming year and answer any questions we had Plus put our Dens together.

On our 1st Den Meeting we met at CLPE Playground and the boys worked on their first achievement. Which was balance, throwing and catching a ball, running and bouncing a ball..... The boys had a blast.

Wolf Scout Jack.

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