Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yes that's right today it started to snow! Wow! I can't believe it's that time of year already! The 1st snow of the season! Yesterday I was wearing short sleeves and mowing the lawn and today its winter coats, scarf, gloves and hats.....Below are a couple of pics of Jack playing in the snow today!

Jack eating the snow!

Have a Fantastic Day!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Our Week....

Well Ryan got his Antelope! So Yeah for him! He got it Saturday Morning so he came home early!!! He is really excited!

We have been working hard at Ryan's Mom's house! Ryan surprised her with a sky light well a Tube light to be technical in her guest bathroom! She was SOOO happy when she got home! Below are a couple pics of Ryan putting in the tube light!



All Finished:

I have been busy with my photography! I have had two Senior Portraits in the last month! Which was a lot of fun! I have them posted on my website at www.photographybykristin.photoreflect.com . You should check it out if you want too!

Jack has had a little cold this week! =( Poor thing! But he is feeling better! Well I am off to bed! I will post more tomorrow! Have a great day!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

CSU Homecoming Parade.......

Yesterday was the CSU Homecoming Parade. We had a great time! Jack had a blast with his cousin Bubba A.K.A Jonathan. It was one of the best parades I have seen in a long time. Jack got a TON of candy!!!!!! He loved that! Here's a few pics from yesterday! I love the one with Bubba and Jack waiting for candy! And the one of Jack giving me the best look like 'Mom No more pictures!' I get that A LOT now day's! And of course I love the one of Bubba reading to Jack! I guess I love ALL three pics!
Halloween Decorating Party........

We had so much fun! Jack and a blast with the kids! The yard looks great too! The goodies Jack and I made where a big hit! Below are a couple pics from the day! The 1st one of Jack putting a spider on Jack the scarecrow! And the 2nd one is the final product! Doesn't it look cute?

Friday, October 06, 2006

My 1st Blog......

My Day......

I am just so excited to start this blog. I have just put Jack down for bed and I am watching Tristan and Isode. Ryan left this afternoon for hunting. He will be back Tuesday! So its just Jack and I for the weekend and some! I am alway's sad when Ryan leaves but then again its fun for it to be just Jack and I! So tomorrow Jack and I have a busy day well at least in the morning! We are getting up early and going to the CSU Homecoming Parade with my Mom and Dad and maybe brother's and sister. Then we are off to my Mother-In-Laws House for a Halloween decorating party. Jacks girlfriend will be there. Thats all he has been talking about today! "See Logan Tomorrow!" So to get ready for the party Jack and I made some treats for the party tonight. I will post some pics. Jack had so much fun helping mommy make rice crispy treats colored orange, jigglers in the shapes of pumpkins and ghost and pumpkin bread muffins. "I helping" Jack said like 20 times. So cute. I will blog tomorrow and let you know how the party goes. I am getting tired so I will finish in the morning! Here are a couple photo's from tonights cooking project!


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