Friday, October 13, 2006

Our Week....

Well Ryan got his Antelope! So Yeah for him! He got it Saturday Morning so he came home early!!! He is really excited!

We have been working hard at Ryan's Mom's house! Ryan surprised her with a sky light well a Tube light to be technical in her guest bathroom! She was SOOO happy when she got home! Below are a couple pics of Ryan putting in the tube light!



All Finished:

I have been busy with my photography! I have had two Senior Portraits in the last month! Which was a lot of fun! I have them posted on my website at . You should check it out if you want too!

Jack has had a little cold this week! =( Poor thing! But he is feeling better! Well I am off to bed! I will post more tomorrow! Have a great day!

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Scott & Beth said...

I'm glad Jack is feeling better! I hate it when kids get sick...they just don't understand! Poor little guy!

I LOVED Holly's pictures! They are wonderful! You did a great job! Also, Holly looked so pretty!


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