Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Gillian!!!!
June 27, 2007
4lbs 13oz 18in

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jack's 4 year Wellness Appointment

34lbs and 39in tall

He is growing up so fast! Thursday we registered him for Pre-Kindergarten. He will start August 11th-May 21st 5 day's a week from 12:15pm-2:45pm. He is really excited. We get to meet his teacher the 1st week in August. We are looking forward to meeting her. I can't believe he is school age already! Where does the time go??????????

Danny Surgery

Today Danny had his Gallbladder removed. He is at home now and doing good. He is in a lot of pain but hopes to heal fast!!!

Danny booked his flight to visit us this Wednesday the 25th until Sunday the 29th! Looking forward to seeing him!

Holly Visit

Holly will be here tomorrow morning! And will stay until Sunday the 29th. So Holly and Danny will be flying home the same day on the same flight! Its going to be great to have them both here. To Bad James couldn't come! Or Mom and Dad! But they will have to visit soon!

In the morning we are dropping the kids off at my friend Katie's house. Then we will head to Glendale to pick up Bob then to the airport to pick up Holly. From the airport we will head to the Salt River. We are so excited. Here's there website if you want to know more about the Salt River. Kids have to be 8 or older to ride in a tub so that's why my friend Katie is watching the kids for us.


Lets see she is walking 100% so cute! Still peeing and pooping in the potty! What a happy girl she is!

Just a little update! I am working on blogging Sherry, Iain's and Jessica's trip here. We had a great time with them!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jack Blowing out his B-day cake!

June 10, 2008

4 years old!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


happy birthday

What a great day! Jack woke up really early and asked "Mommy am I 4 today?" I made him pancakes. We played around the house then got ready for the Water Park. We met Katie and Alexis there and had a blast swimming! After swimming we went to McDonald's for lunch. Came home Jack talked on the phone to several people. Thank you all for the calls! He loved them! As soon as Daddy came home we ordered pizza (Jack's request) opened presents and then had cake! What a GREAT and fun day!!!!!!!! Where does the time go????? Our Baby is 4!!!!!

Jack mixing the cake batter! I got the mixer out and he said "Mommy I'm 4 now I can mix it all by myself!" So he did! =)

Jack at the Water Park
Such a handsome 4 year old!!!

Gillian hanging out at the pool
Jack and AlexisJack playing with his new toy at McDonald'sGillian trying to get my camera at McDonald'sJack talking on the phoneGetting ready to decorate Jack's cake!Cake cut and ready for frostingJack talking to Grandma Rhonda on the phone while playing Shark AttackJack helping Mommy decorate his cake (Gillian drinking her water and eating a snack in the background!)He loves to help Mommy cookPirate Cake all finishedPresent Time!!!!

Jack opening extra race car tracks

Water Gun
Jack opening all the cards he got in the mail! This made his day! Thank you everyone who sent him a B-day card! Birthday Boy Jack! Gillian playing with our Video camera. While Jack opened presents
Jack playing with his new race car track!Jack eating pizza

Jack with his new ball
Jack and his Pirate Cake
Happy Birthday Day Jack!!!!!Blowing out the candles Make a Wish!Eating the cake! Happy Birthday day Jack!!!!! 4 years! Wow! Where does the time go? Seems just like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital 4lbs 14oz 18in long!!!!! A lot has happened in 4 years!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and have a great day!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip
with Katie, Jason and Alexis plus a some Family of Katie and Jason.....

Camping in Colorado Oh I mean Arizona.... Just felt and looked like beautiful CO.

We left Friday evening and got up there by 6pm. It rained the whole time up to the mountain. We got our tents put up just in time for the SNOW to start falling............ We ended up leaving Saturday afternoon. We were all hanging out in our own cars trying to stay warm and we thought it would be better to go home for the kids sack since it was just TOO cold!!!!!!!!!
Katie and my friend Kelly and her husband and daughter Cameron were going to meet us up there BUT didn't get to since we came home! Kelly and Clifton had us all over for a BBQ Sunday night. That was a lot of fun then Monday we all went to the Water Park together.

Jack and Gillian in our tent while it was snowing!
Gillian peeking out of the tent!
Jack trying to stay warm in the tent.Daddy and Gillian trying to stay warm by the camp fire!Daddy, Jack and Gillian all by the camp fire.
BRRRRRSaturday Morning!

Jack and Alexis trying to stay warm! Their so cute!Katie and Gillian by the camp fire early in the morning
JackMommy and Gillian trying to stay warm!Daddy and Jack warming upStarted snowing again! Jack walking around exploringMommy and Gillian in the warm car.
Gillian warming up! Katie, Jason and Alexis in the white truck behind Gillian warming up too!Decided to leave!
Gillian in the front seat playing while we loaded up the car!Jack and Gillian playing while we loaded this up!Daddy taking down our tent!Gillian in the carCan we GO YET?????????????
I will post the rest of our weekend a little bit later!
Thanks for reading! =)


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