Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jack joined Cub Scouts!!!!

Jack started Cub Scouts this year! He is having such a blast and really learning some important life skills and lessons. His 1st Den Meeting was on September 29, 2011. What a fun group of boys we have in our Den/Pack. Most of the boys are in Jack's 2nd grade Class or at least in the 2nd Grade at CLPE.

His 1st Pack meeting we met at The LaPorte Presbyterian Church on September 1, 2011. The boys went outside to play several games while the parents talked about the up coming year and answer any questions we had Plus put our Dens together.

On our 1st Den Meeting we met at CLPE Playground and the boys worked on their first achievement. Which was balance, throwing and catching a ball, running and bouncing a ball..... The boys had a blast.

Wolf Scout Jack.

 Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Fest

Funtime Pre-K 2011-2012

Gillian's Pre-K class along with the Curious 2yr & 3yr-4 Preschool class  all got together for a performance and a Feast. They all sang two cute little Thanksgiving songs and then the Pre-K put on a short play. See video for the whole thing! =)

After the play was over we all sat down for a BIG Thanksgiving Feast! Lots of delicious food!!! After that they set up the gym with a bounce house and lots of fun activities. What a fabulous day!!!

 The Class getting ready for the play.

 Gillian eating carrots! Yum!!

 She LOVED the Turkey Cupcake. Well she love the design but only ate one bit.

 Pretending to sleep in the gym!

 Because running and playing around the gym for 2 hours wasn't enough, we played outside for a bit longer! =)

We had so much fun!!! Thanks for reading!Look for an update on Jack coming Soon! =) 

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where did SUMMER Go?!?!?!?

We had such fun Summer! Time just flies by when your having fun!  Jack started 2nd grade!!! Wait What? 2ND GRADE!!!!!! No Way!! He can't be going into the 2nd grade already.

His teacher this year is Mrs. Carlton at CLPE. We really like her so far! His BFF Joel is on his class and they both are just so excited! Jack told me that his only worry for this year was that Joel wasn't going to be in his class!!!

Gillian just started Pre-K. Yep Pre-K that means my little baby girl will be in Kindergarten NEXT YEAR!!! She loves her teacher Miss Lisa check out her class blog at:
She has already made several good friends. She is in the Lunch Bunch Enrichment program and goes from 9:30AM-2PM she is always sad when its time to go home. Its just not long enough for her!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Its way over due!!!

Good morning my Blogger friends!

I have been so bad at blogging! We have been having a fabulous summer and staying super busy! Jack's in Karate, took a Picasso Art Camp. Gillian is in Ballet/tap and taking swimming lessons.The kids and I are still living in Colorado and Ryan is still living n Arizona for now. Then he will be moving for 4-6 months to Texas. I figured that if Ryan's going to be gone a while longer I really should be better at updating our blog so he can be included in all the fun activities and such!!

I am going to play catch up on the blog for a bit. Starting with the month of February and finishing up a few fun activities we did.

What's a blog with out a picture?!?! This is the kids and I at the Budweiser with a beautiful Clydesdale.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jack's Book Review 5-6-11

Written by Jack McConnell  

            My favorite character in "Dot and Jabber" is I do not like the story. 
I do not have any. This story is weird, its super weird.
All and all now you know it is weird.

This review cracked me up! I just had to share with everyone!!! On Friday Jack's 1st grade class read this story and they had to write about it. As you can see he was not impressed by this book.


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