Monday, August 01, 2011

Its way over due!!!

Good morning my Blogger friends!

I have been so bad at blogging! We have been having a fabulous summer and staying super busy! Jack's in Karate, took a Picasso Art Camp. Gillian is in Ballet/tap and taking swimming lessons.The kids and I are still living in Colorado and Ryan is still living n Arizona for now. Then he will be moving for 4-6 months to Texas. I figured that if Ryan's going to be gone a while longer I really should be better at updating our blog so he can be included in all the fun activities and such!!

I am going to play catch up on the blog for a bit. Starting with the month of February and finishing up a few fun activities we did.

What's a blog with out a picture?!?! This is the kids and I at the Budweiser with a beautiful Clydesdale.

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