Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gillian's 8 Months Old Today!!!!!!!!!!

What joy she is! She is growing up so fast where does the time go? At 8 month she can: Wave, Click her tongue, fake cough, is Very ticklish, Is eating Stage 2 foods. Loves Cheerios and teething bars. (What a mess!), loves playing with her Big Brother, Loves Rihbinn and Eva (GaGa and Grandpaski's dog's) She is very social and a talker. Loves going to StrollerFit and Story Time. She can say: Dada, Dad, Da, Dad-dy, Mum, Mama, Hi, Yay!, NaNa and makes the right sounds to say I love you (sooo cute!!!)....... She can stand holding onto something like her port-a-crib, couch, coffee table. Can get up on her hands and knees. She will be crawling soon. She loves jumping in her jumping swing........

Our House in Anthem Arizona!

We close March 7th, 2008.

I thought I would post some pictures our Realtor took over the weekend for us of the house. Since I have not seen the house in person but only through a few pictures. SO these helped me a ton to see every room! Keep in mind when you look at these that we will be painting and getting all new carpet installed before we move in!

Our House! North Key Lane
Front entry and Living Room (looking from the kitchen)
Dining Room (looking from the front door)Family Room (looking from the kitchen)Family RoomKitchen
KitchenPowder RoomUpstairs:

Guest Room

Jack's RoomGillian's Room
Jack and Gillian's BathroomLoft to the left, Master Bedroom to the rightMaster BedroomMaster Bathroom/showerMaster Bathroom/TubPatio off the Master Bedroom with a Mountain View! My favorite feature!!Upstairs Hall looking at the kids room's from the Master Bedroom. Gillian's room to the far left Jack's room to the right. Guest Bedroom off to the left.Back Yard:

Looking from the Family Room out. (Taken last April or so)PatioLots of room for the kids to play! Look at that green grass in February!Back Yard view from Master Bedroom's patio.East Side of the house. (I have LOTS of weeding to do!!!)West Side gate.

Here is the floor plan to the house. There are a few minor things that are different then in these floors plans. Ours has a few more upgrades like the Master Bath is different (Better) then what it shows. But anyway here is the basic floor plan!
Main Floor Upstairs

We are so very excited! The kids and I will be moving March 14th! We can't wait BUT we are very sad to be leaving all of you here in CO! We have lots of room so please come and visit us!!!!!!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lots going on....

I rented the TownHouse out!!!!! Yay! We are so excited!

Yesterday we put in an offer on a house! We should find out if we got it in about 5 days!!! If we get it we could close March 11th!

I have joined a StrollerFit exercise class with the kids and we LOVE it! Its so much fun and a GREAT work out!

I am going to try and get my Personal Trainers Licence so I can teach a StrollerFit class in Anthem Arizona!

Jack is turning into such a BOY! He burps his ABC's (not sure where he learned that) But he is so smart and is starting to write his own name! If we are still here at the end of March he is going to start swimming lessons as well as take another Dino class. Its once a week for 3 weeks for an hour. He enjoyed it last time and its a good way to get him to interact with kids his own age with out me being there.

Gillian is 7 months now! She is doing great! She was very sick about 2 weeks ago with a stomach virus and an ear infection! But she is fine now and just taking everything in. She is very close to crawling. She scoots in a circle its cute. She wants the be big like her brother and looks up to him. She also is my little talker. She wants to talk talk talk so bad. Her words are: DaDa, Mum, Yay. She is loving eating baby food and just started eating Cheerios's. If you hold her up by the hands she will walk to you. She is a very happy baby. She loves to walk around the house in her walker and loves to jump in her bouncy jump!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Trip to Arizona through Jack's eye!

Written by Mommy & Jack

Narrated by Jack

Photographs by Jack

Daddy and cactus


Mommy Loves Me! zxcvbnmasdfghhhhhjklqwerttyyfijmbgiyhgujinfiiiiufuuhingignignfnvnff,,mmg

Daddy driving




My skull I found. Its very fragile. I want to bring it with me. And put it in the skull factory.




This lake had lots and lots of ducks on it.


GaGa and Grandpaski

Sedona Sedona Mountain
Elk at Cabela's
Fountain at fun park
Mommy and Baby Gillian Baby Gillian and me Mommy took our picture

Zebra at Zoo lights
Zoo Lights
Zoo lights

Daddy's house Bob and Jenna
Bob and Jenna
Oh My Daddy!
Palm tree
Arizona Palm TreeZoo
Baby animal
Daddy and Me

Mommy and DaddyMommy, Daddy, Baby Gillian and Me!Mommy and Baby Gillian at Airport going to Colorado.

Fun times!!!!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day/night!!!

(The actual pictures are not this dark but since they were scanned in they are darker and not as clear as the actual photograph!)


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