Monday, November 08, 2010

Learning to Ride a Bike is Hard!

Tonight for the first time I took Jack's training wheels off his bike. He was very nervous and wasn't sure it was safe to be riding on the street. But he gave it a good try for about an hour before it got to dark. Before I know it he will be totally freaking me out with his tricks and jumps. I'll be telling him to be careful and not to ride in the middle of the street..... But for this short time I will be the brave one and encourage Jack to try his best and get on the bike and ride.  

Gillian had Ballet/Tap class this evening. This class is HUGE and I'm pretty sure Gillian is the only 3 year old in this class. She could careless that she is the youngest and the smallest. I'm pretty sure she is the most outspoken one in the class and she wants to be heard! =D

And of course I can't have a Blog with out a picture!!! My Beautiful Amazing Kids!!!!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Playing Catch up!!!

Well lets see where to even begin! ...

We had a wonderful Summer, spent 3 weeks in Colorado, went camping in the Flagstaff area. Jack started 1st grade and Gillian started Preschool. They are both doing awesome and making lots of new friends. Gillian  completed a year of Petite Ballet and is now in Beginning Ballet/Tap Combo. She LOVES it!!!!! Jack started Flag football and is really trying his best. He is having so much fun.

Ryan and I had a trip of a lifetime to Stuart Island Canada. Such and amazing time!!!  

I know this is a really quick update and I will do a full blog on our Colorado trip, school and sports...... I just wanted to write a small blog just to get back into the groove of things.

Stay tuned for more blogging to come!

Good Night!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I really need to get back into blogging. I miss it! Of course I do have my photography blog that I try to update as well.

Today the kids and I had such a great day. We went to the play fort with a Katie and and her kids Alexis and Grayson, came home had lunch. Gillian took her afternoon nap, Jack and I worked on school work, science, math, reading and writing! He did so awesome!! After Gillian woke up from her nap we met Katie back up at the play fort. Came home changed and we met up at the pool and had a BBQ. Such a fun day!

Summer Vacation!

Jack's last day of Kindergarten was May 27th. I can't believe how fast this school year went.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary!

Ryan and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary. Wow 6 years I am so truly luck to have found such an amazing Man. We arranged an over night sitter for the kids so we could enjoy a weekend getaway. It was SO nice!! We stayed at the Wild Horse Pass Resort & Casino. Such a BEAUTIFUL Hotel!!! Spent most of the day playing slots and playing a very fun game called Three Card Poker! Loved it!! John Shula owns a restaurant in the hotel. Very fancy Steak Restaurant with some Awesome Miami Dolphin memorabilia. Their steak menu was on an official NFL Dolphin Football. So cool!  We had such a great time. I would LOVE to go back!!!

Ryan and I August 2003

Our Wedding April 4, 2004 (04-04-04)
Ryan and I at the Wild Horse Pass Resort & Casino getting ready to go to dinner. Celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary!!! April 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 Years Ago!

The kids and I loaded up in the car along with Holly and my Mom and Dad following down to Anthem Arizona. It was finally moving day! What a drive that was with a 8 month old and a 3 year old. The kids did awesome!!!


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