Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa AKA G.G. and Papa Visit

February 9-12, 2009

We had the pleasure of having Grandma and Grandpa Schroeder come and stay with us for a few days. The kids were so excited to see them. About 5 minutes after arriving the kids had them reading to them. We did a lot of bird watching, went for a few short walks and then took a drive up to Sedona and up to Flagstaff. That was such a beautiful drive, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground in Flag so pretty. Gillian got to play in the snow for the very 1st time.

February 9, 2009

Papa reading to Jack and Gillian.
Jack and Papa
Gillian and G.G

While Jack was at school we went for a drive around Anthem and then we stopped at our favorite hiking area to bird watch. It was very cold and windy so the bird stayed hidden and we left early.

Gillian, Papa, G.G looking for birds.
Gillian and Papa
Gillian wearing Papa's hat.

Papa left to get something from the car and she wanted to follow him!
Papa ended up taking Gillian on a short walk.
Jack and Gillian relaxing with G.G

February 11, 2009

We went for a small walk to the park to see more birds. Then went to pick up Jack from school and off to Sedona and Flagstaff.

Sedona, AZ

Jack enjoying the snow!
Gillian touching snow for the 1st time!
Grandma and Grandpa

Jack about to throw a snowball at me!

They love each other so much!
Jack climbing a snow packed hill.

GG and Jack playing a game the night before they left.
We had a great time! Thanks for coming!


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