Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I haven't posted in a while and a ton has happened. We are getting along pretty well with out Ryan. BUT we miss him sooo very much! It has been a week today since he left. Its been really hard but we are managing. We have been so busy which helps keep my mind off of missing Ryan.

July 24
So Ryan left at 3am and got to Arizona at 4pm. I tried to stay busy to get my mind off of Ryan moving. Jack got up at 4am and didn't fall back to sleep until 9am.

We ran several earns then went for a walk and played at the park. After the park we came home and had bath time. Jack in his tub and Gillian in her bath tub at the same time. That was fun!! Then we all got cozy in Jacks room and read stories! Jack even read a book to Gillian!

Bath Time
Story Time

July 25

We worked in the garden ALL day 8am until 3pm! Jack played in his pool and sand box as well as watched a couple movies. Gillian pretty much slept the whole time except when she wanted to eat or needed a diaper change. It was my Mom and Dad's 26th Wedding Anniversary.
Happy Anniversary

They went to Estes for the day and then stopped by the house on there way home. I made them dinner I made hamburgers, corn on the cob and salad. MMM good! Jack slept the whole time they where there. He woke up 10 minutes after they left.

July 26

We worked in the garden today for a little bit but it was just to hot and the kids wanted Mommy to much for me to work as much as I wanted too. SO we left early. Jack and Grandpaski and Jack swung on the swing and sang songs so cute.

After dinner we went for a family walk. We went to the park and Jack had a blast playing.

July 27

Gillian's 1 Month Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time has gone by sooo fast!! She is such a great baby. I love her so very much. Here are a few pictures from the 27th:

I cleaned the house and got ready for a showing! I took the kids to the mall to walk around in an Air Conditioned building! Jack played in the play place and had a lot of fun. Gillian and I watched him play. Then we went and got smoothies. Jack loved that. We came home and got ready for dinner at Mom and Iain's house. Her friends Sissy and Marty were there. They are awesome. I really like them a lot. They where great with Jack. Sissy got down on the floor and played with Jack so cute. Jack really liked her too. Then after dinner Jack grabbed Marty's hand and said "You want to come downstairs to my room?" So they went downstairs to play. So cute!

GaGa made Jacks room downstairs all cozy for him to start transition him for when we move in.

Well this blog turned out to be really long so I will finish later with updates from the rest of the week! Thanks for reading!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Family Portrait.....

July 18, 2007

We went to the Unforgettable Images. The studio I used to work for. I think they did a great job. I have a few more poses that I haven't had a chance to scan in yet. I wanted to get these pictures taken before Ryan left for Arizona.


Mommy and her kids!

Daddy and his kids

Jack and Gillian
Jack age 3yrs
Gillian age 3 weeks
Ryan left today for Arizona. I miss him so much already! He will be moving in with his friend Bob who lives in Glendale AZ. Ryan starts his new job August 6th. He is really excited. He will be looking for a house for us to buy while he is out there. The kids and I will be in Fort Collins until February. We need to sell our house here and save some money for a down payment on a new house. If we sell our house before February we will move in with my Mother-in-Law until we can get a house. We are going to miss him so very much!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Library Day!!!!!

July 12th I took the kids to the library! We had a great time! I usually take Jack once a week he loves it. We hadn't been in awhile do to having Gillian. But I felt it was time to get back into going to the library! Jack read Gillian several books SO Cute!!! I also signed Jack up for the summer reading program. Every 5 hours we read to him he gets a prize! Here are a ton pictures from our day!
Gillian and her 1st Library book! Of course it has butterflies on it!
Close up of our Girl! Jack performing a puppet show for Gillian.Jack reading to Gillian!Gillian close up while Jack's reading to her!Jack jumping onto the pillows!Jack after his Big Jump!Silly boy! LOLJack playing on the computer!
We had such an awesome day! I can't wait to take them back to the library!


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