Friday, July 20, 2007

Library Day!!!!!

July 12th I took the kids to the library! We had a great time! I usually take Jack once a week he loves it. We hadn't been in awhile do to having Gillian. But I felt it was time to get back into going to the library! Jack read Gillian several books SO Cute!!! I also signed Jack up for the summer reading program. Every 5 hours we read to him he gets a prize! Here are a ton pictures from our day!
Gillian and her 1st Library book! Of course it has butterflies on it!
Close up of our Girl! Jack performing a puppet show for Gillian.Jack reading to Gillian!Gillian close up while Jack's reading to her!Jack jumping onto the pillows!Jack after his Big Jump!Silly boy! LOLJack playing on the computer!
We had such an awesome day! I can't wait to take them back to the library!

1 comment:

beth said...

Ha...these are so cute! I love the ones of Jack on the computer! Those head phones are so big on him!


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