Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slide Rock Sedona Arizona

Saturday June 7, 2008

We all got up early and got ready to head to Sedona. We went for a nice walk around a trail and then headed to Slide Rock. We had such a great time!!!

The trail we walked.Sedona, AZ GaGa pushing the kids on the walk. GaGa and Grandpaski with Jack and Gillian JackPee break! He LOVES to pee outside!Grandpaski, Jack and Auntie Boook (Jess) Daddy and Gillian Jack and Auntie Boook walking.Gillian walking around.Family picture at Sedona.
Auntie Boook and the kids.Mom and IainSlide Rock!

The view looking down from the mountain.
Jack getting into the COLD COLD water for the 1st time!Jess, Iain, Gillian and I
Mommy helping Gillian play in the water.Jack sliding down.Iain getting ready to slide down.Ryan sliding.It was deep here!Jack playing around.Mom sliding down Jess sliding downJess had some issues getting out! Ryan helping her. Love you Jess! =)Mom, Iain, Jess, and RyanJack
Mommy and Gillian going down a little slide. Jack watching.
Gillian and Mommy! She was a pretty cold!
Jack and Mommy sliding down.
Auntie Boook and Jack sliding down.
Jack taking a break!
Iain, Mom and Jess relaxing by the river.
Gillian and I GaGa and Gillian
View looking up the Slide rock.
The view looking down slide rock.Strong Ryan holding up this HUGE rock!Jess holding up the HUGE rock!
Another view of Slide Rock.Jess and I. Iain in the background.The water was SOOO cold!!!
Iain floating down the river.
Ryan, Jess and Iain floating down the river.
Ryan, Jess and Iain.
Look at all the people.
Ryan and I
Jess and Iain
Jess and Iain
Jess, Iain and I
Ryan and Jess sliding down
There Ryan goes!A really fast part!Ryan about to run into some people.
Jess's turnIain's turn.
My turn! This is SOO much FUN!!!
Ryan and I decided to go down together!Ryan diving in! This part was SOOO very deep! Ryan couldn't even get to the bottom! You have to swim through this part.
Cannon Ball!
Ryan and I jumped in together! We missed the shot but got our splash. Jack playing around. After Iain, Jess, Ryan and I got back down from the top of the river. Mom was so nice to stay behind and watch the kids for us! Gillian cried the WHOLE time!!! Sorry! =)Jack loved the water after he got used to the cold.
Ryan and Jack going down on there bellies. Nice finger in the pic I know!
Jack going down on his own.
Family pic at Slide Rock Sedona Arizona!Nice hair! HUH! lol Auntie Boook and Jack.Pretty view on the walk back to the car.
Gillian fell asleep on the walk back to the car! So sweet!She stayed asleep until we got home!Daddy, Jack and Auntie Boook on the way home!Ryan, Jack and Auntie Boook about 10 minutes later fast asleep! =)
What a FUN FUN day!!!! If your in Arizona I totally recommend Slide Rock!!!! But Girls I warn you to PLEASE wear jean shorts and NOT just a swimming suit! Both Jess and I bruised and scrapped our butts soooo bad! After we got to the top of the river we noticed that the girls who wanted to be cute and just lay out on the side had bikini's on BUT the girls who where in the river had shorts on! Jess and I learned our lesson!!! BUT it was worth it! Later that night Ryan, Jess, Bob and I went out to West Gate Glendale AZ to show Jess and really me too the night life in AZ. Good times!
Have a great day/night!


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