Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Gillian!!!
I can't believe our baby girl is now 1!!!! I just have now idea where the time goes! I know I say that a lot but its true! Gillian had a great birthday! She had her Auntie Holly and Uncle Danny there to help celebrate her day! Thanks to Holly there are a TON of pictures and I even reduced the number of pictures to post! BUT there are STILL a TON of photo's on this blog! I will post videos and more pictures of the Pool Party we had the 28th on the next blog I post! It would have been just way to much! And will get you something else to look forward to! =)
Jack helping me make Gillian her Birthday Pancakes! (I'm on the phone with Mom AKA Grandma Rhonda (So Mom your kinda in this picture LOL))Jack stirring! Me on the phone! =) (and in this one too)Gillian getting ready for her b-day breakfast! MMMM Pancakes!
Gillian trying to take the camera from Auntie Holly!Gillian and Auntie Holly's phone!!!! She had this in her hands more then Auntie Holly did! LOLGillian sneaking up the stairs!Gillian in her Big Girl Car Seat for the 1st time!!!! She loves sitting forward and sitting up verses laying down look the other way!!!!Jack pretending to sleep in the car!Auntie Holly and Gillian in the car!Auntie Holly, Gillian and Jack in the car! Gillian got her 1st coolie at FRY's she LOVED it!!!!!Gillian in a car cart at FRY's Jack and Gillian in the car cart
Jack and Gillian playing in the living room, Uncle Danny is flashing his laser on the floor and the kids are trying to get it!
Kids playing
Gillian playing with a towelBirthday Girl!!!!!
She's so beautiful!
Present Time!!!!!

Jack helping Gillian open presents
Gillian excited to see she got a Baby Doll from Uncle Danny

A Book from Mommy and Daddy!Her 1st Barbie Doll from Auntie Holly!
Someones getting sleepy!Bracelets from Uncle Danny

Birthday Hugs! She LOVES her Daddy!Cake Time!!!
Happy 1st Birthday Gillian!!!!!!!!!
uuummmm what's this?
mmmmm that's good!Jack enjoying the cake too!Cake EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
Bath Time!!!
She LOVES her bathes!!!!! Expecially when Mommy lets her take it in Mommy and Daddy's bath tub!!!
Ready for bed and saying Good Night to Daddy!She had a wonderful day!!!!! What a great 1st Birthday!!!!!!
Thanks for reading!!!!! Look for B-day party blog coming soon!!! Have a wonderful day/night!

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beth said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Yay! So glad she got her first Barbie! Good job, Holly! She looked liked she was having so much fun opening her gifts. She is soooo all girl! She seemed to love her braclets and the doll that Danny got her. So cute!


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