Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Wildlife Zoo

June 6, 2008

We took Mom and Iain to the Wildlife Zoo! We had a great time! But first before we went to the Zoo Ryan took us to his job site that he is in charge of!

Here is the sign out front of Ryan's job site! It was/is so cool to see his name on this big sign!!! I am so proud of him!!!! The job site!Ryan showing Iain what they are working on!
Some big equipment! Ryan could tell you what they are I sure can't! LOLThe Wildlife Zoo!!!!!

GaGa and Jack
Jack on Daddy's shoulder's.Sleeping lions!MonkeyGillian kin her stroller!
Jack and DaddyThis is the Swan that bit Jack's finger back in December!!!
Iain, Sherry (Mom), Ryan
Mama Monkey holding her baby around her belly! Mama Monkey holding her baby! So sweet!Beautiful Tiger!
Grandpaski checking his email! FlamingosI love this shot!
Rhino ~He looks so much like a member of the Dinosaur family! Don't you think?~
Ostrich eggsMama OstrichThere kissing isn't that so sweet!!!

GaGa helping Jack feed the GiraffesDaddy and Gillian feeding the giraffe'sI love how they sit! Gillian and I on a train ride that went around the Zoo!
Petting Zoo
Daddy and Gillian on the outside of the Petting Zoo!

Jack and GaGaGaGa and Gillian (Grandpaski in the back ground!)
We had a great time at the Zoo! After the Zoo we went to Salt Senoritas for Lunch and came home to go to the Water Park!
~Water Park pictures to come in my next Blog!~


beth said...

I loved all the pictures! I love the zoo!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Thanks! I love the Zoo too!


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