Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jack and Gillian's Birthday Bash at the Anthem Community Water Park!

June 28, 2008

Pool Party day!!!!! We had such a great day at the water park with all of our friends here in Arizona. I was a bit stressed out the morning of the party! But Ryan, Danny and Holly all helped me get things ready for our party!

Holly and Gillian getting ready for the party! Auntie Holly putting the Kids Goody Bags together with Gillian's help.Gillian wearing her crown, necklaces and Princess wand! She's such a Girly Girl! Holly
Auntie Holly and Gillian all dressed for the pool party!
Gillian's finishing touch! Gillian all dressed up for her party!
Auntie Holly and Gillian at the Water Park
Uncle Danny Holly taking a picture of Gillian and I taking a picture of our selves!Here's the picture I took of Gillian and I Bob letting us know where he was. "Hey, I'm over here!"Gillian and Mommy playing in the water!She loves to walk around in the water.Happy Birthday Girl!!!Uncle Danny! Bob gave Gillian his Rock Star!!! At least it wasn't opened I would have been so Mad!!! =)Gillian trying to drink the unopen Rock Star!!!! Auntie Holly relaxing in the water!
Not sure what we are all looking at? Present Time!!!!!

Angelina L. , Angelina M. and Jack
Angelina M. , Angelina L. and Jack
Opening presents
Mommy helping Gillian open (Jack's belly)
Jack, Gillian and Mommy opening gifts
Jack got this awesome water gun backpack!!! Bob, Auntie Holly, Uncle Danny and GillianJack and Angelina Lee Cake Time!!!!!!Pirate and Princess Cake!Gillian's 1st Birthday Cake
Our BBQ Area at the Water Park (Corri , Jen and Ryan in the picture) Gillian and I and her CakeHere she goes!!!! She LOVED The Cake!!!!
Alex and Gillian
Angelina and Gillian (Angelina was so nerves Gillian was going to touch her with her cakey hands!!!)
All the kids Angelina Mello, Vanessa, Alex, Gillian, Angelina Lee, Alexis and Jack (Missing in photo 6 month old Julia)

Jack thought he would be funny too and put frosting all over his fave and body!!!!Jack pretending to be a monster!

What a mess they are!!! =)Head to toe in cake!I love this picture of her!
AlexisDaddy cleaning Jack up!!!!

Mommy cleaning Gillian up! What a MESS! Good thing for outside showers!!!Gillian fell asleep in my arms in the pool! So Sweet!!!Back at home!

Gillian wanted some Watermelon her Favorite Fruit!!!Gillian sitting on a box while Uncle Danny put Gillian's new ball pit tent together!!!Angelina Lee and Alex got Gillian this Ball Pit Tent! She loves it!!!What a fun birthday party we had!!!! Wish all of you in Colorado could have been her to join us!!! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading our blog!

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beth said...

Jack looks soooo cute with Holly's bandana on! The kids were a mess after cake, but what a perfect place for the mess...right by the water! I loved all the pictures! I wish I could have come to their party. That cake was neat!


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