Monday, July 07, 2008

Gillian's 1 year Wellness Appointment!

18lbs 7% and 28in Long 15%
Her appointment went very well. The Doctor is very impressed on how she is developing. She may be small for her age but she is very smart and very active. And to be honest I love that she is small! She is such a joy! And knows what she wants! She is 100% done with nursing which is bitter sweet! It's just sad knowing that I will never nurse her or other baby again!
Well thought I would update you on Gillian I know I sent out an email but I still wanted to blog it! So sorry for the repeat info! =)
Below is a video of Gillian eating her Birthday Cake! She loved the cake as you know from all the pictures but thought I would share a video of it as well! =)

1 comment:

beth said...

For some reason the video isn't working for me...I'll have to try it later. Gillian is getting so big!


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