Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy 4th of july bow

We had a great 4th of July Weekend! Anthem celebrated on the 3rd which turned out better since it was pooring rain and very windy the evening of the 4th. And several cities canceled there firewors show! We meet our friends Katie, Jason and there daughter Alexis and Kelly, Clifton and there daughter Cameron at the park. We ate dinner at the park. They hard tons of kid activities. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed themselves.

Our House all decorated for the 4th!

Gillian all ready to go to the park. Jack all ready to Celebrate the 4th!Jack and Gillian

Crazy Jack

The kids at the park eating a snow cone
Gillian trying a snow cone for the 1st time
Jack, Gillian and Daddy at the park
Alexis, Jack and Gillian at the park
Alexis, Cameron, Jack coloring Gillian hanging out with them! (Kelly in the background)
The kids activities. (Clifton in the red shirt)Jack and Alexis jumpingJack
Daddy and Gillian
Jack dancing
Gillian following Alexis around
Gillian playing in the dirt
Alexis and Jack playing on the softball field
Family Picture!
Guy juggling at the park
Time to go home! The kids loved the fireworks! It was a late night for them! We left the park at 9:30pm4th of July
We went to the water park and played all day! That evening we watched the Macy's Firesworks from NY on TV> That was a great show! We enjoyed it! =)
Gillian getting ready to eat Taco Bell at the pool.Kids eating lunchGillian finishing lunch and getting ready to get into the water!
Jack finishing up lunch!Look at those Muscles!Back at the house! Gillian reading a book to Jack!CHEEEEEEEEESSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE! CHEEEEESSSSSSEEEE!!! She loves to say cheese for a picture! So cute!
Jack was so tired from swimming he fell asleep on the chair for several hours!
Gillian eating dinner!
Happy girl!

Jack STILL sleeping!!!
Waving HI!!!
Monsoon time in Arizona!
Our beautiful sky the evening of the 4th! There was a BIG lightening show that evening!!! This is the view from our porch off our master bedroom!Look close and you and see lightning to the left of the picture! It was pouring rain in these pictures.July 5th, 2008
We didn't do much! Just stayed at the house and played all day! The kids had two big day's so just hung our around the house to rest!
Gillian climbing the stairs after making a mess of spreading paper all over the place! LOL
Gillian in the kitchen
She was so excited to get her picture taken!Gillian helping Mommy load the dishwasher!Jack taking a bath in Mommies and Daddies bath tub!July 6th 2008
Gillian sitting in her favorite chair. It was Jack's chair when he was little.
Gillian relaxing in the chair! Gillian getting into the fridge!
Silly girl!
Jack and Gillian on the stairs playing!
Big Kiss!
What a great weekend! Thanks for reading!!! Have a wonderful day!

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beth said...

This post made me smile! I loved their 4th of July outfits and the outfit Gillian is wearing while helping with the dishwasher. I also love the pictures of Gillian walking! She looks so cute! Jack is so funny when he gets excited...love his dancing pictures! Oh...also...so funny that Gillian was getting in the fridge and looking all sneaky like :)


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