Friday, July 18, 2008

Anthem Community Water Park!!!!

June 6, 2008

After we got back from the Zoo and lunch, we all got ready and went to the water park! We had a blast! We also brought Ryan's water proof digital camera with us so we took some great under water pictures!

Jack going down the water slide! GaGa going down the water slide
Ryan coming down the BIG water slide. (The right hand side)
I believe this is GaGa coming down the slide!GaGa after coming down the slide.Jack greeting GaGa after she went down the slide.Gillian, Jack GaGa and I sitting by the pool!Jack and Daddy playing in the water.Jack floating on his back.JackGillian and GaGa by the pool.Ryan and Jack playing around the kids area at the water park.Jack and Daddy getting dumped on by a big bucket.After the water cleared.Ryan and I relaxing in the pool! THEN he dunked me! Gillian and I!Jack and Daddy playing around. Gillian and GaGaDaddy and GillianCuddle time!Daddy and Gillian blowing bubbles and Jack watching! Daddy and Gillian taking a snack break!Gillian walking around the water!
Grandpaski and Gillian walking around the water!Jack getting dumped on by the bucket again! He's the one sitting with his arms up!JackGrandpaski and GillianHere did Gillian go? Gillian and GaGa
Ryan relaxing on the side of the poolGillian
Jack and the bucket AGAIN!!! He loves it!!! GaGa going down the slide again.
Grandpaski coming down the slide.
Jack riding on Daddy's back.Jack and Mommy on Daddy's back! We just need Gilly Bean!
Daddy trying to swimming with us on his back!
Daddy getting ready to throw Jack up into the air! Daddy and Jack swimming and GaGa relaxing in the water!
Jack and Daddy
Ryan taking a picture of himself under water!
Ryan and I under water!BIG Kiss! Ryan and I again! I have some major scary hair here!!!!
I Love this picture of Sherry and Iain! Its Priceless!!!!Sherry and Iain under water!
The kids and I
Ryan and his Mama under water!
Gillian wearing my sunglasses! What a cool girl!
Group Hug!!!
What a fun day at the pool!!!! Later that evening Iain, Ryan and I went to the airport to pick up Jess! My next blogs you can look for is Sedona, Slide Rock and much much more!! Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog! Have a wonderful day!


beth said...

That is the coolest water park! Is it very expensive? I just love Gillian's swimsuit! The underwater pictures are neat.

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

NO! Its all included in our HOA! =)


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