Tuesday, July 15, 2008

June full of Fun!!!

GaGa, Grandpaski and Jess Visit here!!!!! =)

Mom and Iain arrived June 5th and Jess came in the evening of the 6th. They left the 9th of June. We had a wonderful time while they were here!

Jack was SOOO excited to answer the door and see GaGa and Grandpaski standing there! After Gillian woke up from your morning nap we went for a walk to the park.

GaGa and Jack at the park!
Gillian in her stroller at the park.
Handsome Jack by the water falls at the park.
Jack looking around!
Jack rolling down the hill!
WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!GaGa wanted a turn!
A very dizzy boy!
Grandpaski and Jack on the walk back home!Jack on Grandpaski's shouldersJack opening gifts from GaGa and Grandpaski! He couldn't wait to open his gifts! I made him wait until Daddy came home from work to open them! They had been sitting on the dining room table and Jack was just sitting there looking and trying to peak and see what was in the presents! It was great watching him wait and wonder so impatiently!!! Pirate coloring books, stickers, tattoos and much much more.......Book of Fairy Tales the Original versions! Its a great book!!!Gillian's turn!
Jack helping her open!She was snacking while opening gifts!She LOVED all her new clothes!!!!
A Butterfly Garden Book!Her 1st My Little Pony! She loves it!!!She kept trying to put her clothes on but couldn't so she put them on her head!!! LOL
GaGa reading Jack his new book!
Gillian on Grandpaski's shoulders!That's day one of there trip her in Anthem Arizona! I will post day 2 very soon!!! Sneak Peak to my next blog..... The Wildlife Zoo and Water Park! =)
Have a Beautiful Day!!!

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beth said...

Yay! I'm glad Gillian got her first My Little Pony! I laughed when I saw the pictures of her trying to put her clothes on. I'm glad you all had a nice visit!


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