Monday, March 21, 2011

Next Phase in the McConnell Adventure!!! -New Purchase!!!!

We bought a Camper!!! Yay! Its so nice we LOVE it!!! Here it is! =)

Ryan pulling away from our Arizona home to the New Location at Lake Pleasant!!

Beautiful Lake Pleasant!
Gillian on her new bunk!
Jack on his new bunk! Giving me a smile even though he was sick! =( 

Our 1st dinner at the Camper!

Gillian watching a movie on the couch.
Poor Jack had been so very sick. He crashed at the kitchen table.

Pretty view from the kitchen window.
Gillian hanging up her clothes.

Cuddling on the couch watching a movie!!! Both kids feeling sick!
Views from our camper!

Jack finally feeling great and being his normal silly self! =)
We had a blast staying in the camper for the few weeks we stayed in it! Such a fun little adventure!!!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Truck Arrived Time to Pack and Load it up!

So many of you know that we put the house up for rent in December. We had lots of showings and a few maybes, we will let you know...... Until Feb. 14th a lovely email from someone in Montana. She was very interested in our home. Her husband came by the next day to check it out. They loved it and wanted to move in March 1st!

So I rented a moving truck packed the house and loaded the truck!We had two weeks to pack, load the truck and clean the house for the renters. We went with the same company that moved us to Arizona. You can check out our move to Arizona here.

Gillian had so much fun playing in the truck. She even helped load a few small boxes! Jack was at school when it arrived and then he was sick for most of the week, so he slept and watched movies inside the house while we packed and loaded up. 

 Gillian even made herself a little bed in the truck!

 Jack and Gillian watching a movie while I pack up! Jack was willing to smile for me even when he didn't feel well!

 Gillian taking a much needed nap!

Truck is loaded and ready to go!!
It rained most of the day Saturday while Ryan and I tried to load the truck. But then a beautiful rainbow appeared. It was actually a double rainbow,and a sure sign for good things to come!!! =) 

I stopped by the rental yesterday and it had such a warm and wonderful feeling to it! They are making it all cozy for their family and have already started planting flowers in the backyard!!!! =)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful day!


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nap Time-"Bat Girl"

Today I tucked Gillian in for her afternoon nap like usual, read her a story, gave her a kiss said "Sweet dreams! Have a good nap! I Love you!" I shut her door. And started cleaning up the place. A few minutes later I hear her say:
 "Mom I'm Half Bat so I can't sleep!"
I reply "Bats sleep during the day." 
Gillian "But I'm half Human so I can't sleep during the day!".......
She says the funniest things!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Memories of Preschool Days 2010-2011

Gillian's wonderful teacher put this together for us! I had to share it!!! Enjoy!!!
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