Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Fest

Funtime Pre-K 2011-2012

Gillian's Pre-K class along with the Curious 2yr & 3yr-4 Preschool class  all got together for a performance and a Feast. They all sang two cute little Thanksgiving songs and then the Pre-K put on a short play. See video for the whole thing! =)

After the play was over we all sat down for a BIG Thanksgiving Feast! Lots of delicious food!!! After that they set up the gym with a bounce house and lots of fun activities. What a fabulous day!!!

 The Class getting ready for the play.

 Gillian eating carrots! Yum!!

 She LOVED the Turkey Cupcake. Well she love the design but only ate one bit.

 Pretending to sleep in the gym!

 Because running and playing around the gym for 2 hours wasn't enough, we played outside for a bit longer! =)

We had so much fun!!! Thanks for reading!Look for an update on Jack coming Soon! =) 


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