Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 26, 2007

Today was a nice day! We watched Harry Potter and read books along with played a few games.

Gillian playing. Her new thing is sucking on her fingers. She is teething and this makes her feel better!
Jack and Gillian.
Jack talking to Daddy on the phone.
So cute!

October 27, 2007

Gillian's 4 months old!!!!!!!!!!

Today Mom and Dad came by around 7am. Dad left around 8am to rake leaves for people around Fort Collins with the Church. Mom, the kids and I went shopping. Then meet Dad at Grandma's house. Then we were off to Sherry and Iain's for steak dinner. We came home and went to bed. Gillian slept from 9pm until 5am!

Grandma G.G and Gillian

Gillian at GaGa's house.Everyone hanging out on the couch. Grandpaski, Jack, Gillian, GaGa, Eva, Ribhinn.Getting ready to go!
Gillian all cozy in her car seat. When we got home Jack laid down by Gillian and almost fell asleep right there. October 28, 2007

Today we went to church with Mom, Dad, Holly and James. Sherry and Iain stopped by before church to look at the house and see all the new stuff I have done. Mom, Dad, James and Holly came back to our house and we cooked hamburgers and potato's.... It was really good. After lunch Mom, Dad, Gillian and I went for a walk every one else stayed home. Then we all walked across Lemay and looked at a condo over there. Came home ate some pie and they left and we got ready for Treatsylvania. We meet Audrey, Logan and Auntie Boooke. I will do a separate blog to tell you all about our night! We had so much fun!!!!!

Gillian she is actually sitting up in this picture. She is also starting to grab things like her hat she has in her hand.Jack wanted to make her cozy with his night night. She looks a little grumpy!

Thanks for reading!!!! Comment if you would like! Have a great day/night!

Friday, October 26, 2007

October 17, 2007

Today Jack had his 2nd Amazing Dinosaur class. Gillian and I ran a few errands while he was in class. Mom and Holly meet us at the Northside Atzlan Center and we all went to Chili's for lunch. After lunch we went to Mom and Iain's house to work.

Gillian is 16 weeks Today!

Gillian in her pretty dress.
Jack helping Grandpaski on the computer.
So Beautiful!October 18, 2007

Today we went to the library and got Halloween books! Jack and Gillian both enjoyed storytime.

Gillian in her new outfit. I love it. Its brown with flowers outlined in maroon. Its like a dress but has matching cozy pants to go underneath. I got it at Wal-Mart for $5 on clearance!Smiling Girl!
I love her foot in the air in this picture. Jack ate all his dinner so he got some ice cream for dessert! He was excited since we don't have dessert very often!October 19, 2007

Today we worked in the garden. GaGa was home and Jack did some gardening with her. It was a really nice day. Auntie Holly came around 4:30pm and picked Jack up for dinner and a movie. They went and saw Nightmare before Christmas 3D. Then went to the mall for a while and ate some dinner. Jack had a blast! Holly spent the night and after the kids went to sleep we watched
"The Holiday" I had bought it about 2 months ago and never got the chance to watch it until then! It was a really good movie! Thanks Auntie Holly for a fun evening!

Jack raking some leaves. Gillian in her car seat outside GaGa's house.Jack and GaGa gardening.
Gillian in her car seat next to me while I garden!
GaGa took Jack for a walk/bike ride. He had a great time. It was a little to windy for Miss Gillian and she had also fell asleep 5 minutes before we would have gone on the walk. It was a nice treat for Jack and GaGa to just go.Happy Girl after her nap!Gillian in her bouncer while I cut Jack's hair.
Hair cut time!
Tummy Time!October 20, 2007

Today Holly left around 10am and we went to Wal-Mart to get diapers and stuff like that. We wanted to go to the Corn Maze but it was two windy and got cold by the time we ate lunch and got ready to go.

Jack and Gillian on the chair.
Auntie Holly with Jack and Gillian.
Jack and Gillian all cozy on my bed.All smiles today!
Jack and Gillian.
October 21, 2007
Today we had our 1st snow of the season!!! It never stuck but it snowed off and on all day. We had a nice cozy day at home. We watched Harry Potter and played games. I got Jack this great new game. It Memory but one card is in English and the other is in Spanish. So after you find the matching pictures you have to say what it is in English and Spanish. Jack had a lot of fun playing. He is getting really good at speaking and understanding basic Spanish. Like he can count to up to 6 and knows several words like: Help, delicious, cat, dog, house, bathroom, mom, dad..... Those are just the beginning. I would love for him to speak several languages!
Gillian in a great mood! Jack and Gillian. Jack playing his memory game.
Happy Boy!Gillian playing.Where did Gillian go?
October 22, 2007
You would have never known it snowed the day before it was beautiful. We cleaned the house and worked at Mom and Iain's. We also lowered the price of our condo. So hopefully it will have a better chance of selling!
Gillian playing with her jungle gym.GillianJack and GillianOctober 23, 2007
Today I crazy cleaned and organized. Mom came over to help me with the kids while I cleaned. Our Realtor came to take new pictures of the house. After he left we went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's then off to Sherry and Iain's to bring over almost all of Jack's toys. Like his train table and well lets just say he has books and dinosaurs to play with at home. He likes the open space in his bedroom now.

Jack and Gillian
For the 2nd time Jack and Gillian took a bath together. They had a blast. Jack would say "Gillian kick my hand" and she would start kicking him! Jack would just laugh and laugh and Gillian would cue and smile back at him. They did this back and forth several times. It was so much fun!October 24, 2007

Today was Gillian's 4 month Wellness appointment. She weighed 12lbs 5oz and is 23 3/4 long. After her appointment we raced over to Jacks last Amazing Dinosaur class. Gillian and I went over to Mom and Iain's to work while he was in class. We picked him up and went back to work.
Gillian sitting on the chair at GaGa's. Smiling as usual!Gillian got her 1st toy from the Doctor's office today and she loves it. It has a bell inside the ball and makes a pretty noise anytime she shakes it. We are getting ready to pick up Brother.We got the Atzlan Center a little early so Gillian and I went for a little walk. They have a great path right next to the Poudre River. Jack right after his class. It was to crazy to get a picture inside his class room! He had a great last class.
Jack loved going under the "tunnels".
This is wear Jack had his classes.
Jack standing outside the building.Jack reading a Halloween book on the porch at GaGa's house.Jack looking over the garden.Jack JackJack reading to Gillian at bedtime.
Jack and Gillian all cozy in Jack's bed. He would love for her to sleep with him. He asked if she can almost every night it so sweet!
October 25, 2007
Today was Story Time at the Library. The Theme was Halloween. After story time was over everyone got a Halloween sticker. Jack wanted a skeleton or a monster or something scary but the Librarian said that she only had nice Halloween stickers cause some kids get scared of stuff like that. Jack was like I'm not scared! He ended up with a green spider. After Library we went to work in the garden.
Storytime! (Jack is to the right of the lady in the green shirt or the the left of the lady in red.)Gillian slept in her stroller through the whole story time. She usually really gets into the songs and stories but today she was sleepy. Jack helping me check out our Library books. (Ryan- Your Dad's friend Dean is in the this picture to the far right. He brings a group of kids to the library once a week or so.) Gillian still sleeping!
Gillian in her stroller while I garden.Gillian in her bouncer.Jack borrowed this find it book from GaGa's. Its one of his favorite books. I love the way he is laying. Too cute.
Thanks for reading! Have a great day/night!


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