Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 1, 2007

Today we ran errands! We got a lot done the kids had a great day as well.

Jack and Gillian playing with the jungle gym. Happy Girl! What a great BIG Smile she has!
Jack eating dinner.
Another sweet smile!
Tummy Time!
I just love all the different faces she makes!
Smiling at her Brother!
Rolling over! Jack just loves to play with Gillian. And she loves it too!
October 2, 2007
We had swimming lessons. Mom, Danny and Holly all came to watch Jack swim. They came back to our house to visit and then Danny picked Jack up for a sleep over a couple hours later after nap time. Jack had a blast. Gillian and I went for a really nice long walk.
Jack sitting in the pool before class. Kicking his feet.
Gillian in her car seat before class.Jack is getting really good at going under the water and kicking his feet and trying to paddle his arms at the same time!Time for class...
Kicking there toys as far as they can.Gillian in her bouncer while I cook dinner.Gillian in her stroller during our walk. The weather was pretty nice but Gillian gets so cold very easily so I had her all bundled up nice and warm. She really liked that.
I love this picture. It really shows off her beautiful blue eyes.Home... Gillian fell asleep half way through our walk.
Gillian on our front porch. (Pumpkins from Grandpa Bob's Garden!)
October 3, 2007
Gillian and I had a nice bonding morning. Jack came home around 1:30pm and Danny stayed and visited for a while. Then we played out side for a bit. Then went to Home Depot to buy new mini blinds for my room and the entry way.
Gillian sitting on my bed.Big Smile!What a Happy girl we have!
Tummy time on my bed!Mommy and Gillian! I look kinda sleepy! Jack in his Shelter playing Survivor Man.Jack getting all cozy!

October 4, 2007
Today was Jack's last Swimming lesson! He passed the class! YA Jack!!! I am so very proud of him. He did great. GaGa came to watch him swim. After swimming we had a picnic at Edora Park then Jack got TCBY and then we went to Mom and Iain's to work and stayed for dinner.
Jack and Gillian
They really love to play together. Its so awesome!
Jack and Gillian before swimming lessons.
Gillian Yawning during class.They got the wear Life Jackets today.
Jack in the water with his life jacket.
While the teacher was with the other kids Jack keep putting his whole body under water. He had a blast.He was totally showing off for these girls. They keep saying do it again Jack!Jack standing outside EPIC after swimming lessons.
Jack eating his PB&J at Edora Park.
Gillian at the park.Jack running at the camera being a Monster!
Climbing the stairs.
Going down the slide.
Another Mom at the park with a 3 month old too came up to me and asked if I would like a picture of Gillian and I. I of course said yes! We tried to get Jack in the picture too but he was too busy playing! Jack and Gillian at the park.
Gillian on her 1st walk about with GaGa.
GaGa playing in the sand with the kids.

What a great few day's! Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day/night!

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beth said...

Hooray for Jack for passing his swim class!

Gillian looks adorable in those blue jeans on your bed!

That is a great picture of you and Gillian at the park too!


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