Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 11, 2007

Today was a great day still at Mom and Iain's house sitting. We went to Story time. This was Gillian 1st time going to Story time. She loved it. She wanted out of her stroller to watch all the other kids and she really liked when the kids were singing and listening to the stories. Audrey and Logan came over during the evening to hang out. Jack was so excited to see Logan.

Jack getting ready for the day. Being silly with his underwear on his head! Gillian playing in her port-a-crib Jack Jack
Jack and Gillian laying on the bed.Jack in the cozy reading section at the library.Gillian at the Library.
Jack reading a Pirate Book.Jack and GillianWe stopped back at home for a bite to eat and pick up a few things we needed then headed back to Mom and Iain's. Jack sitting on the coffee table.Gillian and I
Jack talking into the Baby monitor like its a walkie talkie.Gillian Jack on the couch.Tummy Time!
Jack and Gillian. Jack ran over to the couch to get into the picture.
Jack and Gillian getting cozy on the couch.
Gillian just adores Jack!
Jack pretending to be asleep.Logan trying to wake Jack up! They thought this was the funnest game!Jack and Logan pretending to be a sleep.
Bed Time!

Jack reading Gillian a story.
Jack "The Monster!"Jack
Bed Time snack.October 12, 2007
Today Mom and Iain came home. I had my Post-Op appointment they still don't know what the mass was but everything is fine. When I came home from my appointment about 2 minutes later the door bell rang and I received the most beautiful flowers from Ryan! (I know I had a blog just about the flowers but they meant so much to me I had to mention then again!)
Jack playing Noggin. Which he calls noggin on demand. He didn't want me to take another picture of him.Jack playing in the back of our house.
Jack helping me cook dinner!October 13, 2007
Today we ran a few errands and then went over to Mom and Dad. We watched football and played Scrabble which is one of my favorite games right now. We also played Don't Break the Ice. Jacks new game that he really likes to play. Or really he hits all the cubs down to make the polar bear go into the ocean with the sharks according to Jack.
Gillian Pretty in Pink.
Grandpa Dan and Jack watching Night of the Museum and playing Don't Break the Ice.
Grandma Rhonda and Gillian
Jack all cozy on the couch in the basement watching the Good Night Show.
Jack fell asleep on the chair. So sweet.
October 14, 2007
We got up early and headed back to Fort Collins to meet Grandpa Bob and Auntie Boooke for breakfast at the Breakfast Club. It's one of our favorite places to eat breakfast. Came home for a little while then went over to Mom and Iain's to hang out. Audrey came over for dinner and we decided to just spend the night. It rained all day long.
Jack wearing Monster Hands.
Auntie Boooke and Jack reading a Find its book.
GaGa, Grandpaski and Gillian.Auntie Boooke, Jack, GaGa and Gillian hanging out on the couch.
Gillian in her nice warm outfit.Jack, Gillian and I hanging out on the couch. Gillian diesn't look to thrilled about getting another picture taken!Time for bed.....
Jack being silly as usual!
October 15, 2007
Today we worked for several hours and then ran a few errands and came back home. Did some cleaning and did our bed time routine.
Jack saying Good Morning to Gillian.
Jack and Gillian.Happy Girl 1st thing in the morning!
Jack pretending his hand is a monster and Gillian was so amused by this.Jack and Gillian what great buddies they are!Gillian all cozy in her towel after her bath.
Gillian looking and cuing at her mobile.
October 16, 2007
Today we worked and then came home and packed several totes. I'm trying to get a head in the packing.
My Beautiful flowers Ryan sent me. They have all almost bloomed.

Jack and Gillian. And NO Jack isn't naked. He has underwear on but the way he is sitting he looks naked. Uncle James gave him his New Belgium tattoo on his knee.Jack so handsome!
Our beautiful girl.
Styling in Mommies sunglasses! AWW! I Love it!What a busy few day's! But we had a lot of fun and got a lot done. Thanks for reading! Have a great day/night!


beth said...

I love the pictures of Jack reading to Gillian! She looks so into it! Also, the ones of you and the kids on the couch are great! You look really pretty!

beth said...

I noticed Jack was using your dad's Packer blanket...tell him not to feel too bad when the Broncos kick their butts this weekend :)


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