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September 19, 2007

Gillian's 12 weeks old!!!!

Today we went to Pump It Up with our Friends Karen and Dillon. We had a great time! The boy's had a lot of fun. At 1st some of the slides were kinda scary but after either Karen or I went down with them they got the hang of it and then they had a blast going up and down!

Jack going in to the obstacle course.
Jack and Dillon jumping in the Big Castle.Jack coming out of the obstacle course.
Jack climbing in the obstacle course.Jack and Dillon driving cars.Jack and Gillian.Dillon and Karen going down the Big slide.Jack going down the big slide! Both of the boy's thought these stairs were scary until all of a sudden they tried it and then this slide was the best of them all they kept going up and down. I think it helped that Karen went down with too and then I went down with then a few times.
Jack and Dillon
Ready Set GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Jack liked to go on his belly!Going down again!Jack and Gillian.
Gillian playing on the floor back at home!
Bath Time! Gillian LOVES her baths. She gets one every night around 6:30pm and she knows when its time too she gets just a little fussy around that time until we go up and fill her baby bath tub.All bundled in her towel! About to get her cozy jammies on.
September 20, 2007
Today Jack has swimming lessons. He is doing so well. Came home and the kids took naps. Then ate some dinner and meet Mom and James at the outlet stores. Gillian needed some new warm Jammies. James needed work clothes. James bought Jack ice cream and while Mom, Gillian and I went into the Carters store Jack and James sat outside eating ice cream.

Jack holding Gillian. He loves to holder her, he asked to all the time!
Sleeping Beauty!
Jack practising his kicking before class started.
Gillian during Swimming lessons.
The whole class kicking there toys as far as they can.
Now they have to go get there toy they kicked.Back floatMy beautiful Gillian!
Tummy Time!
She Loves Loves her jungle gym!
September 21, 2007
Today I had my Dr. appointment Gillian came with me and Jack went to his friends Dillon's house. After we got home the kids took naps. Then after dinner we went for a nice long walk and stopped at the park on our way. Jack loves to play out side!

Gillian playing with her jungle gym again.
Jack about to go down the slide at the park.
Ready Set GO.....
WEEEEEEE........BIG Smiles!
AWW My Handsome Boy!Jack sitting on the wall at the park.
Gillian asleep in her carrier after our walk. It was a little breezy and she gets so cold so I had her bundled up! She loved it and fell asleep for most of the walk. She only slept a few minute after we got home!
September 22, 2007
Today was Ashley’s baby shower. Karen watched Jack today and Gillian and I went to the shower. It was a really nice shower. Gillian today discovered her hand so cute. She moved it up and down and just stared at it. She also discovered the animals on her car seat. She just looked at them in amazement. After I picked Jack up we went to your Mom’s and Iains to check on Jess’s cats. Which was the 1st time Gillian saw a cat!!! We brought in the mail and worked a little and then came home. Jack fell asleep in the car and then when I was bring him inside our neighbor started yelling at Lexi (her 2 year old daughter) out the front door and woke him up. And he couldn't get back to sleep after that. So we went to King Soopers to get a few things.

Gillian playing on the floor waiting for Mom and Holly to pick us up for the shower.

Cousin Kelly holding Gillian for the 1st time during the shower.
Kelly, Aunt Sandy and Gillian.
September 23, 2007
Today Mom, Dad, James and Holly came by right before church dropped off the stuff for lunch and went to church. After church they picked up Grandma and came over for lunch. Mom and I cooked lunch. It was a great day. James had a Bronco party at his house so they had to leave before the game started.
Happy Girl!
Jack being silly!
Jack watching Little Bear and Gillian playing on the floor.
Gillian was so upset and Jack ran over to her and said "I'm here! I'm here Baby!" I had to take a quick picture before I picked Gillian up! He loves her so very much!
Jack the dinosaur!
Sleeping Baby!
What another great week! Thank for for reading! I will post and finish updating really soon! Have a fantastic day!

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beth said...

Gillian looks so much older in her 12 week picture! She is changing so much!

Pump it up looks like a really neat place! I think I would even have fun there.

I know I have said this before, but I LOVE that brown dress on Gillian. You need to save that one for me in case I have a girl :)

Jack is such a good big brother! That is so sweet!


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