Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our week before we went to Arizona.....

I am still catching up its been crazy busy here! But we are all doing great! Except for Gillian has been sick the last few days poor baby!

My next blog will be all about our trip! Yes I know I'm really behind but oh well.

November 28,2007

So lets see we played games, watched Incredibles (Jack's new favorite movie!) Went over to Mom and Iain's worked a little bit. Came home and the kids took naps.

Here is our new TV Ryan and I bought for our Christmas present! Gillian in her walker!Jack covering Gillian so I didn't take another picture of her!So cute! Gillian talking to her BIG Brother!Jack playing Elefun! What a great game!Jack showing me how he ate his apple.Jack and Gillian sitting in the kitchen at Mom and Iain's!Gillian sleeping in her port-a-cribGillian playing on the floor!Jack lounging on the chair.Beautiful Gillian Taylor Tummy Time! November 29, 2007

Today we went to Story time. Ran a few errands bought Gillian and Jack a few new clothes from my Fav store Once Upon A Child! Gillian is out growing everything! We came home the kids took naps and I cleaned the house!

Jack and Gillian playing on my bed.Gillian in her walker laughing at Jack. Jack is dancing and being silly to make her laugh! They love each other so much!Gillian oh so happy!Big smile!
November 30, 2007

Gillian walked in her walker for the 1st time!! I cleaned the house. Read the kids several books, played a few games. Gillian went to bed at 6pm didn't get up until 12:30am! Then slept until 5:30am and finally got up for the day at 9:30am! Jack and I got all cozy on the couch I made popcorn and hot chocolate and we watched The Polar Express.

Jack and Gillian talking during breakfast!
So happy!Jack loves holding his sister.Gillian playing with her jungle gym! Gillian in her walker in the kitchen.
Jack showing Gillian how to move in her walker!
Jack helping Mommy clean!
Gillian sitting on her own!!!!!!! She can for a few seconds at a time!
Playing on the floor!
Jack and Gillian wearing there hoodies laying on the floor. December 1, 2007

Today we went over to Mom and Iain's to help her get ready for her Thank you dinner for her T.A's. The kids and I stayed for dinner. It was fantastic. Gillian didn’t nap but maybe 30 minutes the whole day. She wasn't fussy or anything just awake. We spent the night at Mom and Iain's.

Jack taking a bath! Gillian playing in her crib.
Spider Man Jack!Gillian in her walker at GaGa's.Jack relaxing before bed.December 2, 2007

Today we helped decorate for Christmas at Mom and Iain's. I watered plants and then went home. Gillian didn't nap again today and Jack took a 3 1/2 hour nap!

Jack eating breakfast!Gillian in her walker with Eva watching her.
Happy Happy Girl!

Jack resting on the bench! Jack pointing to the ornament of his hand when he was 6 months old.

Jack decorating the Tree.
Jack playing with Rodolph
GaGa reading a story to Jack!
Jack holding his Advent Calendar
Jack and Gillian Gillian playing with her jungle gym.
Tummy Time!
Dinner Time!
December 3, 2007

Today we met up with Mom, Sharon and Tyler for lunch at Red Robin. That was a lot of fun! Then Jack and I got our Flu shots, picked up Gillian's Birth Certificate. Went to the store to get travel stuff for our trip to Arizona! Came home ate dinner watched Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Gillian oh so pretty.
Gillian pondering something!Close up! Jack and Gillian being SILLY!Jack putting stickers all over his face While eating dinner!

December 4, 2007

Today we went to Grandma G.G's for lunch. Then Mom, Dad, James and Holly came over had dinner and went out looking at lights. We had a great time.

Gillian in her walker.Gillian playing on the floor at Grandma G.G's.Jack watching TV at Grandma G.G's.
Gillian playing with a teddy bear!
December 5, 2007

Busy Busy Busy getting ready to leave for Arizona. Today we ran a few errands getting last minute stuff for trip. Went over to Mom and Iain's picked up suite cases. The kids opened an "Early Open". Came home took our Christmas photos. Packed Packed Packed. Cleaned the house......

Gillian in the umbrella stroller Mom let me borrow to take on the trip.
Jack and GillianSo happy!Jack opening his "Early Open" From GaGaCool!!! Go Deigo Go set.Gillian opening her "Early Open" with GaGa She's doing it all by herself! Now with a little help from Brother!
What is it???? (A pretty Christmas outfit!!!)
Jack showing off his new Deigo set!
Jack's Christmas photo
Gillian's Christmas photo.
Peace on Earth!
Jack and Gillian
Mommy, Jack and Gillian
Gillian in her walker!
December 6, 2007

Wow! What a busy day! Trying to finish packing for our trip, running last minute errands. Grandpa Bob came over to visit. Mom, Dad and Holly came over to Mom and Iain's to pick up my car. Holly borrowed it while we were gone. They stayed for pizza and snacks while the kids and I opened our stocking gifts. Oh and Gillian walked in her walker on the carpet for the 1st time!

Jack playing with his Go Deigo Go set
Gillian in her walker!Jack and Grandpa Bob playing Go Deigo Go
Jack opening a present at GaGa's house.Jack and his Pirate Ship Bubble Bath!
Gillian opening a present with GaGa.
Pretty butterfly toy!
Jack got a golf set!
Gillian and GaGa playing with her new butterfly.
She's thinking about something?!!!.....
Gillian opening another gift.
What is it?
Mommy and Gillian
Jack, Mommy and Gillian
GaGa showing Jack his stencil book.
Auntie Holly and Gillian
Auntie Holly and Gillian. She got her 1st baby doll!
Auntie Holly helping Gillian open her next gift.Hair clips!
Jack got this cool Catopillar as he calls it that lights up.
Gillian talking to Auntie Holly.
Jack got a finger flash light!
Jack opening another gift.
He got Spidey! A robot Spider which he named Spidey.
Pirate Set
Look Mom!
Auntie Holly helping Gillian open her next gift. Books!
Jack at it again!
Jack LOVES his Spidey!
Gillian opening her big gift! With Jack and GaGa's help.
Almost... Whats it going to be????
She loves it! It sings, talks and makes music...
Look Mommy! Wow!
Jack loves it too!
Gillian looking at Jack like what are you doing?
Happy Girl sitting on GaGa's lap!
She loved the bow on her head!
Caption Jack not Pirate Jack as he told all of us!
Grandma Rhonda and Gillian
Jack putting a bow on his head!
Grandpa Dan and Gillian
All ready for bed! All excited to leave the next day for Arizona!
All cozy!
So sweet!
It was a busy but fun few day's before we left for Arizona!
Thanks for reading! Look for my next blog all about our trip to Arizona!
Have a great day!


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