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Happy New Year!

Well now that we are home I thought I would finally get this blog written and posted. I have had most of the pictures on here but never got the chance or had enough Internet power while we where in Arizona to finish it. The kids and I fell in love with the Arizona. It is so cold! We got used to 65*F weather and that was cold for them. Anyway we are freezing here and wishing we where still in Arizona with Ryan. Jack is having a really hard time being home. He misses Daddy SO much. Even though it is great to see everyone here and we missed you all! I will do a post of our trip later. But right know I wanted to finish and catch up where I left off. I hope your ready its going to be a long blog.

Here we go.....

November 17, 2007

Today the kids and I worked on crafts. Our Thanksgiving craft. It was so much fun. Ryan left for the mountains during the day to get his deer. Beth my really good friend since we were babies, her husband Scott and Beth's Brother Adam and Beth's Sister Carrie stopped by for a little while. It was so great to see them! They live in Tennesse now.

Gillian playing! What a happy Girl!
AHH! Jack Jack what a handsome boy!
I traced Jack's foot for our craft. Jack working on our craft.
Glue stick!
Finished Product! The one on the right was Jack's hands and feet that I traced and the left one is Gillian's hand and feet! So cute! Gillian having a blast in her walker!

November 18, 2007

Today Mom, Dad, James and Holly picked the kids and I up and went down to Casa Bonita and met Beth, Scott, Carrie and Adam. And Beth and My Friend Rachel who has been our friend since we where little. I hadn't seen Beth in over a year and it had been about 6 or more years since I had seen Rachel. Afterwards we went to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Danny's birthday. Mom and Dad took us home right after we met Ryan at Slidders to jump my car. Then Beth and Carrie came over to visit until 1:30am. It was so much fun catching up!

Gillian so cute in her jean out fit. (Sittin gon Daddy's lap)

Jack laying on the couch.
Jack and Gillian playing together.Jack watching the cliff divers at Casa Bonita. Me, Beth and Rachel outside Casa Bonita. And NO we didn't plan the BLUE shirts! Beth, Me, Holly, Rachel, Carrie (Holly didn't get the blue shirt Memo! lol)Beth, James, Me, Holly, Rachel, Adam and Carrie.Adam, Beth, Me, Holly, Rachel, Carrie, Jack, Mom, James, Dad, Gillian (Missing Scott he was taking all the pictures!) Jack holding his light swored Uncle James bought him at Casa Bonita. November 19, 2007

Today we went to Uncle Freddies Restaurant for lunch that was good. Then went over to Aunt Jo's so Ryan could cut up his deer.

The kids playing with Daddy on the couch.
Fun times!Group HUG!Gillian our drooling Baby Girl! She has been teething for over 2 months! Bath Time!!!!! November 20, 2007

Busy day and a lot of 1st for Gillian! We took the kids to the pool. This was Gillian's 1st time swimming! She always watched Jack during his swimming lessons and was so interested. And now she got to get in. She loved it!!! We had dinner with Mom and Iain. Gillian ate Baby Rice Cereal for the 1st time!!! She loved it and thought she was a BIG Girl! It also snowed!

Gillian in her walker!EPIC

Daddy and Gillian swimming in the warm pool!Daddy, Jack and Gillian swimming.
Jack and Daddy swimming in the kids pool!

Jack and Daddy playing Basketball in the BIG pool!
Mommy and Gillian in the Warm pool!She loved floating on her back! Mommy, Jack and Gillian.
Gillian in her port-a-crib
Jack was so tired after swimming he fell asleep in the car and we woke him up right before dinner.
Daddy giving Gillian her 1st bit of Baby Rice Cereal. GaGa holding her. Then I took over holding Gillian and GaGa took pictures!
2nd bit she wasn't so sure about the whole thing. BUT she did like it even if the pictures don't really show it!
MMMMMMM........ Messy girl! I wasn't really planning on feeding her rice that night, that's why she doesn't have on a bib or anything. But it was still fun feeding her. Later that evening I sat down with her at the table and feed her a little more and she really went after it then.
Mommy, Gillian and Daddy
Jack on the couch sleeping with Rihbinn all cozy by him.
Happy Baby! All cleaned up and in her jammies.
Jack all cozy on the couch. Gillian all bundled in her new winter snow suit.
Close up!
November 21, 2007

Today it snowed all day. We stayed home and played Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. Jack had a blast playing. Grandpa Bob came over for a little while to see Ryan and the kids.
Gillian sitting in her high chair for the 1st time getting ready for her breakfast.
She feels so big in her high chair she loves it!
MMMMM! Rice Cereal!
Here comes another bite!
Happy girl!
Gillian in her walker!
Daddy and Jack playing Nintendo.
Grandpa Bob, Jack and Gillian.
Jack holding Gillian. What a proud Brother he is!
Kisses!Daddy, Gillian, Jack and Grandpa Bob

November 22, 2007


Today we went to my Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving. Danny(he wasn't there for dinner but came later he had to work!), James, Holly, Grandma, Grandpa, Grandpa Bob, Ryan, Jack and Gillian. Jack spent the night at GaGa's and Grandpaski's so Ryan and I (and Gillian) could go out shopping on Black Friday for Christmas presents for the kids. It snowed again today.
Gillian in her high chair.
Gillian playing on the floor!
Gillian all dressed up for Thanksgiving!Jack and Gillian all dressed up for Thanksgiving!Jack, GG and Gillian
Gillian getting ready to eat her 1st Thanksgiving meal!Jack and Gillian getting ready to eat!Jack's 4th Thanksgiving! Jack and Gillian holding hands. (Jack's eye aren't really closed he went through a phase were he squinted his eye for a picture.)
Gillian eating Thanksgiving Baby Rice!
November 23, 2007

Today Ryan and I (and Gillian) got up really early and went to Wal-Mart to shop Black Friday sales. We planned on getting Christmas presents for the kids and ended up buying our Christmas present as well. We bought a 42" LCD HD Flat Screen TV! Ryan tied it to the roof of my car and I finished getting the kids a few things. Came home and watched Ocean's 13 on our new tv. After the movie Ryan picked Jack up from GaGa's and then we went to Chuck-E-Cheese. We had a great time!

Gillian all bundled up at Chuck-E-Cheese. She had just woken up was still in her car seat.
Jack and Daddy playing the "Shark" game.Jack and Daddy the Firemen!Daddy helping Jack spray the fire out!Jet Sky racing game!
This was the 1st time Jack actually went through the whole tunnel/slide at Chuck-E-Cheese. Before he would get up as high as the tunnels and want to come down. Once he did it he kept going through again and again. He had a blast.
In the tunnel. He looks sad but he wasn't!
In the Bubble tunnel.
Daddy and Jack on a roller coaster ride.
Having so much fun! Racing game.
Gillian getting ready to go home!
She loves to be all cozy warm!
Tummy Time!
November 24, 2007

Today Ryan left to go back to Arizona. =( We drove him to the airport. Came home and just hung out. Tried to keep Jack busy so he didn't think about Daddy leaving again!

Daddy holding and kissing Gillian before we left for the airport. Breakfast! Gillian already wants to feed herself!
Her 1st bit she gave herself!I'm a big girl now! Lunch Time! At dinner time Gillian started to play Peek-a-Boo for the 1st time. SO cute!

Peek A-Boo
Jack watching Incredables on our NEW TV! (Jack's favorite movie right now!)
November 25, 2007

Today we went over to Grandma GG's house and for lunch. Melissa, Chad and there kids where there, Uncle Johnie and Aunt Pam, Mom, Dad. After Lunch Mom and Dad came over and took my entertainment center home and helped me set up my new TV.

Jack feeding Gillian her breakfast for the 1st time!
What a great Big Brother he is! Gillian's Bib reads: I love my Big Brother!
Here you go Gillian!Jack playing Nintendo 64 on our new tv! (Before Mom and Dad took out old entertainment center home!)
Jack and Gillian all ready to go over to Grandma GG's house. Pretty Girl!

Gillian, Shayla and Braydon.
Gillian, Shayla, Braydon and Amanda
Jack, Shayla, Braydon, Gillian and Amanda
Gillian look at herself in the mirror at Grandma GG's house. (With Auntie Holly!)
She can almost sit on her own!
Auntie Holly, Gillian and Uncle James playing at GG's house.
November 26, 2007

Today was such a BUSY day! Mom came over to help me watch the kids. I had to go to the DNV to get a new licence since the bank never gave mine back after cashing a check. I didn't realize it until after we got home. I called the bank and they never found it. Anyway I was planning on a long day at the DNV BUT I got my number started to sit down and my number was called! Imagine that! Then I had to get my car registration. Ran to Subway for lunch then off to Kings Soopers and Wal-Mart. Cleaned the house..... Busy busy busy. The kids where so good all day!

Jack reading a book!
Cheese its!
Gillian in her walker!
Jack and Gillian playing! And talking back and forth to each other!
Gillian in her bouncer right before bed time!
Jack eating dinner.
November 27, 2007

Gillian's 5 MONTHS Old!

Today we went to Mom and Iain's to work. Came home cleaned hung out with the kids and watched Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Happy Happy Gillian eating breakfast!
Jack feeding Gillian. What a great helper!
"Look Mom I'm feeding Gillian! She likes it when I feed her!"Gillian in her bouncer! Jack playing his Mario game! Jack and Gillian on my bed! Jack telling Gillian a "Secret"!
Gillian Taylor!
Gillian in her port-a-crib at GaGa's
Gillian Taylor McConnell 5 months old!Jack showing off his BIG Musles.
Gillian playing on the floor.
Wow you made it! And yes you got it, there will be a few more long blogs to catch up! BUT next time I might try to put a slide show together. SO we will see!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! Have a wonderful day!

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