Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gillian's 6 Month Wellness/Sick Visit today!!!

Gillian has a bad chest cold poor thing! But she is doing a lot better from yesterday!!!!

Anyway she had her 6 month appointment today and the Doctor said Gillian is growing just perfect a is doing just great. (besides this cold!) And she is NOT over weight like some people have told me! =) She is perfect! She got 4 shots today poor thing! But so far hasn't really effected her! She may run a fever tomorrow from the shots.

She weighs 15lbs 3oz 30% and is 25in long 20%!

Jack at 6 months weighed 16lbs and was 25 1/4in long.

I am so proud of my kids! Oh the Doctor today also told me that Jack is really advanced for his age! =) And that I have two beautiful children! Which I already knew BUT love to here it from other people!

P.S I have almost finished a LONG LONG blog and I am hoping to post it tomorrow. Its an update of our Thanksgiving and Ryan's trip home.

Have a Fantastic day/night!

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beth said...

I hope Gillian feels better today!


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