Monday, January 07, 2008

January 6, 2008

I finally got a WORKING digital video camera. Third times a charm!!! I wanted to share this video of dinner last night. Gillian ate Green Beans for the 1st time!


beth said...

This video was so cute, BUT...I can't believe you made her eat those :)

Jenny said...

Hey there,

We sure missed you and your family at the Christmas party. We really need to get together! I can't beleive how big Gillian is. The video was adorable and my favorite part was grumpy Jack.
I just really enjoyed checking this whole "blog" thing out. Your kids are, of course, just beautiful and I really want to see them soon. I couldn't quit looking at the pictures of you are so darn cute. I love you all and hope to see you all soon.

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Beth: Thanks! She needs her greens! Even if I don't like them! =)

Jenny: Thanks for reading my blog! I'm glad you enjoy it that makes me happy! We were sad to miss the Christmas party too! =( Yes we do NEED to get together very soon! We live like 6 blocks away and we never see each other! Crazy! We are pretty open! Just let us know and we can get together!!!! We will be moving to my Mother0In-Laws some time this month but that soesn't really matter we can still get together! Love you! See you soon!


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