Sunday, January 13, 2008


Saturday Mom, Dad and Holly came over and helped us move several loads over to Mom and Iain's. Bob (My Father-In-Law) is coming over Tuesday and moving the big stuff. AKA couch, beds....... Much Much more! So our official move in date is Tuesday January 15, 2008

One more step closer to Arizona!

Wow to I have a TON to do!!!!!

Here is a picture of Jack taken in Aug. 2005 he would have been about 14 month.

Gillian in December 2007
I just thought it was cute that they where sitting the same way. They have the same BIG eyes, sweet cheeks and cute little noses! Just thought I would share.

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beth said...

At first I thought that picture was Gillian...just at a glance it looked like her. I think it is his half of his face that looks like her. That is so cute! Can you believe how little he is there?


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