Friday, March 01, 2013


 Always safe. Always works. Always green. 

Over the holiday's a good friend of mine started talking about my interest in Nutrition and possibly taking a few classes to go along with my personal training certification. She then started talking about Shaklee. I had heard of Shaklee but had never tried any of the products until recently. Her parents have been selling Shaklee for the last 40+ years. Who are now my mentors. I went to my first meeting January 19th and was very impressed with the company. I decide to go to their next meeting and got to meet a lot of great Shaklee users and distributors plus Rich Higbee, Shaklee Vice President of Field Development flew in for this meeting to talk about the New Shaklee 180 program.

I really wanted to check this company out first before commuting to anything. I was then invited to go to a Shaklee Conference in Denver. Wow! Talk about inspiring not only about the company but in life in general. The Biggest thing I took away from the conference was getting rid of the "Brain Trash" in other words stop putting negative thoughts into your mind. Get rid of the self doubt, stop telling yourself you can't do something and just do it. Try your very best. I took some great notes and will talk more about the conference another time. 

I am excited about my new path in Shaklee!! If you have any questions or want to find out more please let me know!!

Here is a great short video about Why Supplement!


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