Tuesday, October 02, 2007

September 17, 2007

This morning was a very rainy morning. It was great. It had also rained pretty much all night. We waited until it stopped raining to go over to garden. It quit around 9am. So we headed over to Mom and Iain's to work.

Jack playing in the back yard with Rihbbin. Gillian playing in her port-a-crib
Jack resting in his room at GaGa's house.
Jack helping me cook dinner. He had so much fun!Jack and Gillian already have such a strong Brother, Sister bond! She looks up to in him and he just adores her.Holding hands!What a special bond!Precious Gillian.Tummy Time!She full of Smiles! What a happy child!

September 18, 2007
Today we had fun playing around the house this morning playing with Lego's. Then off to swimming lessons. Jack did great. GaGa came to watch he loved that. After lessons we went to the Mall Jack ate pizza and I had subway. Then we played in the play place. Came home took naps ate dinner. Made a few crafts. Then we watched Blue Plant on Discovery. What an awesome show Jack just loved it. We did our bedtime routine and I went to bed to read. That was really nice. What another fun day!
Jack with his TALL building he built! He was so proud of this!Right before swimming lessons. Jack wanted to wear his Halloween shirt and have a Mohawk. I told him it may be cute now but not when he gets older!
Jack looking in the mirror at his Mohawk!Jack showing me his muscles before swimming lessons.
Gillian in her stroller during swimming lessons.Jack picking out a dive stick to get from the water.GaGa helping Jack dry off after lessons.Gillian laying on the bench at the Mall's Play Place.
Jack climbing on a big whistle at the Mall's Play Place.Jack coming out of the basketball tunnel.
Gillian playing on the floor.SO sweet!
Craft day!!! Jack making a special box for his toy's.Jack using stamps to decorate his box.
Finished project!
What a great few days! I will continue to update as soon as I can!Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Have a great day!


beth said...

The second to last picture was the only one I could see :( The rest didn't come up.

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

weird! They all come up on my computer!

beth said...

I see them now! They are so cute! I love the one of their hands...very precious!


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