Friday, October 19, 2007

October 5, 2007

Today we worked at Mom and Iain's and spent the night. They went to Denver to stay with Jess. So we watched the house and the dogs for them. We went for a nice walk but cut it short cause Gillian wanted to eat. But it was still a really nice walk.

Jack holding Gillian. He just loves holding her. On the way over to Mom and Iain's Jack fell asleep in the car. He stayed a sleep for a couple hours.
Gillian playing in her port-a-crib
Jack eating some popcorn Gillian sleeping in her port-a-crib
October 6, 2007

Today was the CSU Homecoming Parade. We went with Mom, Dad, Holly and Grandma. Jack had a blast getting candy and Gillian loved watching all the people. She is such a people watcher. Then we went over to Grandma's for lunch.

Jack in his shelter! He was play Survivor Man in Oregon. Gillian cuing! Grandma Rhonda and Gillian talking/cuing!
Auntie Holly and Gillian.Jack "The Survivor Man" resting before the parade.Jack what a kid! He had a great day. He makes me smile!Grandpa Dan and Gillian.Jack watching the parade. He's one cool dude!Grandma GG, Grandpa Dan, Gillian, Grandma Rhonda, Auntie Holly and Jack watching the parade!Grandpa Dan, Gillian, Grandma Rhonda and Jack watching the parade.The kids and I watching the parade.Jack and Gillian on Grandma GG's porch. Gillian sleeping on Grandma GG's bed. She's not going to roll off this bed!
Snug as a bug in a rug!Gillian playing with her jungle gym back at home.She's all smiles sitting on my bed.October 7, 2007

Today we went out to lunch with Mom and Dad to McDonald's. After we ate Jack played in the play place and for the 1st time went up to the top and went in and out of the different tunnels and came down the slide. He did this several times. In the past he would start to go up but then get scared and come down. There was one time when I was pregnant with Gillian I had to go up and get him out luckily he wasn't to high up. But that was at Chuck-E-Cheese. Anyway after lunch we came back to my house, Mom and Dad helped me finish putting up the new blinds in my room. They look great. I had all the fixtures up but couldn't get the mini blinds to snap in. The fixtures were defective so that made me feel better that it wasn't just me! Then we headed over to Mom and Iain's to help decorate for Halloween. That was fun and Jack had a blast trying on all the different costumes! After we were all done we watched ET. Jack loved it. But at 1st he kept telling Auntie Boooke that it was too scary until the movie started then he looked up at Auntie Boooke and said "I told you it wasn't scary!"

Jack wearing a wig. (This was the length of my hair before I cut it! I tried it on and it just looked weird to have long hair again funny huh?!)It was lightly sprinkling but Jack had to run outside to Scare Grandpaski.Jack helping GaGa put up lights.Auntie Boooke reading a Halloween book to the kids!Jack playing with the dogs.GaGa and Jack Jack and Auntie Booke watching ET. At one point we were all sitting on the couch watching ET. GaGa, Auntie Boooke, Jack, Gillian and I. Oh and the dogs too!October 8, 2007

Today we took it easy. Jack wasn't feeling all that great, he said he had a tummy ache and that his back hurt. I had just gone to bed and was starting to drift off to sleep when I was woken up by Jack throwing up all over his bed. I cleaned him up and changed his sheet and put him in my bed and the poor guy throw up 3 or more times in my bed. Each time we didn't make it to the bathroom in time. SO I changed my sheets several times and cleaned the carpets. He was chilly and running a fever. Poor guy was so sick. I only got an hours worth of sleep taking care of Jack and feeding Gillian. Thank goodness Gillian didn't get it!

Tummy Time!

Jack and Gillian. Jack being his silly self even with a tummy ache!.I love that Gillian is such a happy Baby! What a joy she is. She is also starting to laugh its so cute!October 9, 2007

Today Jack was feeling better but still not great. He didn't throw up any more which was wonderful and he wasn't running a fever any more. I had him stay in my bed all morning. He finally was able to eat a few crackers and a little soup. After eating his soup he felt much better. So we headed to Mom and Iain's to house sit.

Tummy Time! Gillian stayed down stairs while Jack was upstairs. I didn't want Gillian to get what ever bug Jack had.Jack feeling better eating some soup. I finally let him come down stairs.Smiling Gillian in her port-a-crib at GaGa's house.
Jack wearing Halloween glasses.
Gillian playing with a few Halloween toy's.
I love this picture. She looks all shy and sweet.
Jack and his finger puppets.
October 10, 2007

Today Jack had his 1st Those Amazing Dinosaur class from 9:30am until 11:30am. While Jack was in class Gillian and I ran a few errands. Jack did very well and had a blast. They read books, made a craft, had a snack. After class we went back to GaGa's and played in the yard and did some gardening.

Jack waiting for his class to start.Jack and Gillian before class.Jack in his classroom right after I left. I had to sneak a picture. The lady in the blue is one of the teachers.Jack and Gillian in the front yard at GaGa's. I brought out a blanket and some toys for the kids to play with while I gardened. Jack wanted to hold her but as you can see she wasn't to happy.
Jack wanted to take a picture of Gillian and I. So I let him here is Jack's very 1st photograph he took all by himself! Jack "The Survivor Man" playing outside.
All smiles again!
This is our room at GaGa's Gillian is in the port-a-cribHappy Gillian.So beautiful!

Jack and Rihbinn getting cozy on the couch.Gillian all bundled in her towell after her bath. She loves her baths and get just a little fussy every night at 6:30pm when she want to take a bath. She is very happy as soon as she get into the tub.
Ready for bed.
Another great few day's. Busy but that OK with me. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment if you would like! Have a Wonderful day!


beth said...

My favorites�

Jack scaring Grandpaski.

Auntie Boooke reading to Jack and Gillian�Jack looks so interested and Gillian has a huge smile on her face!

Auntie Boooke and Jack cuddled up on the couch watching ET�that is so precious!

The picture of Gillian looking all shy�that is so adorable!

The one of Jack and Rihbinn all cuddled up on the couch. Rihbinn seems to be a really good dog�never seems to mind if Jack is playing with him.

I also love the picture of Gillian in her bath towel!

Tell Jack he did a very good job taking his first picture!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

AWW! Thank you! I think Jack did a good job taking his 1st photo too. Ribhinn is really good with the kids with an occasional running over Jack and that she is very crazy hipper but when it come to the kids she is great! Which is the #1 priority.


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