Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gillian Taylor McConnell

Born June 27, 2007 at 7:13PM 4lbs 13oz 18in long

I checked into the hospital Wednesday morning at 7:30am they put this gel to soften everything up and about 5 minutes later the contractions started. They had never seen this gel work so fast before. Around 1:30pm my water broke on its own I was so happy. About 5pm they gave me my epidural and was feeling great! Then about 6pm the epidural STOPPED working!!! Then the nurse checked me and I was at 6cm so she called for me to get a booster since the epidural stopped working. Right after I got the booster the nurse said I'm going to check you again since you have been in so much pain I was at 10cm and 100% she called my midwife and I was ready to push. I pushed for about 30 minutes and Gillian Taylor was born. 4lbs 13oz and 18in at 7:13pm I was in active labor for only 2 hours! She is only 1oz smaller then Jack was when he was born! They let us come home Thursday! We where so excited to come home so early. She is just perfect. Jack loves her so very much. Right after she was born we only had Jack come into the room to meet her 1st! He took one look at her and said "She Popped out! I Love her so much! Mommy your tummy is all gone! Do you need a diaper for her?" Then they next day my Mom brought Jack to see us and got to hold her for the 1st time. He was so gentle and sang her 3 or 4 songs it made me cry!!!! He is a great help and gives me diapers and throws the dirty diapers away for me! I have two wonderful kids and my family is complete now! I am so happy!

Here are a TON of pictures:

Right after she was born June 27, 2007:
Mommy and Gillian June 28, 2007
Daddy and Gillian June 28, 2007
Gillian June 28, 2007
Big Brother Jack holding Gillian for the 1st time! June 28, 2007

Gillian wearing her 1st of many PINK dresses!!! Getting ready to go home from the hospital! June 28, 2007
Jack, Daddy, Mommy and Gillian! Our 1st Family Picture!
June 29, 2007Jack and Daddy kissing Gillian! June 29, 2007Daddy and Gillian on our 1st walk to the park as a family of 4!
June 29, 2007Gillian in her stroller on our walk! June 29, 2007Gillian's precious feet! June 29, 2007Gillian after her 1st Bath at home June 29, 2007Gillian yawning while taking a nap on Mommies and Daddies bed! June 30, 2007Gillian sleeping on Mommies and Daddies bed June 30, 2007! So sweet!Mommy and Gillian June 30, 2007Mommy and Gillian June 30, 2007Gillian in her car seat getting ready to run some earns with Mommy, Daddy and Jack for the 1st time! June 30, 2007
Gillian sleeping and smiling!!!! And NO its NOT GAS!!! She IS smiling!!!!!!
Mommy kissing Gillian! July 01, 2007Jack holding Gillian! July 02, 2007


beth said...

These are all GREAT pictures! I can't wait until I get to hold Gillian!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Thank you! I can't what for you to hold her either!!!! I guess the next time we will see you will be in November!


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