Monday, November 08, 2010

Learning to Ride a Bike is Hard!

Tonight for the first time I took Jack's training wheels off his bike. He was very nervous and wasn't sure it was safe to be riding on the street. But he gave it a good try for about an hour before it got to dark. Before I know it he will be totally freaking me out with his tricks and jumps. I'll be telling him to be careful and not to ride in the middle of the street..... But for this short time I will be the brave one and encourage Jack to try his best and get on the bike and ride.  

Gillian had Ballet/Tap class this evening. This class is HUGE and I'm pretty sure Gillian is the only 3 year old in this class. She could careless that she is the youngest and the smallest. I'm pretty sure she is the most outspoken one in the class and she wants to be heard! =D

And of course I can't have a Blog with out a picture!!! My Beautiful Amazing Kids!!!!

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