Saturday, February 05, 2011

Adventures of Joe Lego

Written and Photographed by Robert "Bob" Terry III

In a land far far away in a time long long ago there was a man named Joe Lego.
He was lost by his little boy owner who was very sad by this.
But the way Joe Lego was he would not give up.
He braved the cold, snow, & dark.
Then he was found.
This is his story.
Part 1

Joe Lego Reporting for duty.
Joe Lego taking a break.
Joe Lego Shooting Out Some Emails.
Double checking plans.
Joe Lego signing in to the meeting.
Joe Lego Driving the Fork Lift helping put Drywall upstairs.
Joe Lego Telling the guys to get back to work.

Part 2

Joe Lego getting ready to cut some Pipe.
Joe Lego warming up.
Joe Lego Checking to make sure the ground wire is in.
Joe Lego Going to run some errands.
Joe Lego making sure the tags are current.
Joe Lego calling for some backup.

Part 3

Joe Lego Mad about tracking out.
Joe Lego Locking Up.
Joe Lego going for a hike.
Joe Lego relaxing after a long hard day.

Joe Lego Calling it a Night.

The End

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