Friday, February 11, 2011

Valenitne's Day Window Craft

This is such a fun and super easy project!!!

My assistant for this project today is:

Miss Gillian

What you need old magazines, string, tap and scissors,( glitter and glue are optional). I also put down some wax paper to protect the table.

Cut out lots and lots of colorful hearts. All different sizes.
If you want to add glitter then place glue where you would like the glitter. See Gillian's example here. *NOTE* (Gillian cut out this beautiful heart all by herself!!!!) insert Proud Momma Smile here! =)

GLITTER!!!!! Shaka Shaka Shakaaaa is what we sang while adding lots of glitter!
Almost time to buy more glitter! ;)
Oooh Lovely glitter hearts!
What's next Gillian?

Next cut a large piece of string might help to measure the window you would like to hang it in first.
 Tap string in the center of the heart. Space hearts as desired I added about 6 hearts per string. 

Hang in window of your choice.

And of course we picked Gillian's room!

Outside view!

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