Tuesday, June 10, 2008


happy birthday

What a great day! Jack woke up really early and asked "Mommy am I 4 today?" I made him pancakes. We played around the house then got ready for the Water Park. We met Katie and Alexis there and had a blast swimming! After swimming we went to McDonald's for lunch. Came home Jack talked on the phone to several people. Thank you all for the calls! He loved them! As soon as Daddy came home we ordered pizza (Jack's request) opened presents and then had cake! What a GREAT and fun day!!!!!!!! Where does the time go????? Our Baby is 4!!!!!

Jack mixing the cake batter! I got the mixer out and he said "Mommy I'm 4 now I can mix it all by myself!" So he did! =)

Jack at the Water Park
Such a handsome 4 year old!!!

Gillian hanging out at the pool
Jack and AlexisJack playing with his new toy at McDonald'sGillian trying to get my camera at McDonald'sJack talking on the phoneGetting ready to decorate Jack's cake!Cake cut and ready for frostingJack talking to Grandma Rhonda on the phone while playing Shark AttackJack helping Mommy decorate his cake (Gillian drinking her water and eating a snack in the background!)He loves to help Mommy cookPirate Cake all finishedPresent Time!!!!

Jack opening extra race car tracks

Water Gun
Jack opening all the cards he got in the mail! This made his day! Thank you everyone who sent him a B-day card! Birthday Boy Jack! Gillian playing with our Video camera. While Jack opened presents
Jack playing with his new race car track!Jack eating pizza

Jack with his new ball
Jack and his Pirate Cake
Happy Birthday Day Jack!!!!!Blowing out the candles Make a Wish!Eating the cake! Happy Birthday day Jack!!!!! 4 years! Wow! Where does the time go? Seems just like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital 4lbs 14oz 18in long!!!!! A lot has happened in 4 years!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and have a great day!

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beth said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! I'm glad you had such a fun day!

That cake is so cute! Where did you get the idea?


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