Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 13, 2007


Jack and Gillian

Our Sleeping Angle
Jack holding Fussy Gillian

"It's OK Baby Gillian! Here's your passy!"

"Hummmm...... What should I do!"

August 14, 2007

Family! After nursing break at GaGa's
Jack watching a movie while Gillian slept and I worked.
Sleepy Baby

RibhinnJack building Dinosaur cagesJack playing and Gillian relaxingGillian watching her Big Brother play DinosaursMommy and Gillian

August 15, 2007

Gillian 7 weeks old!!!!!!!

JackJack and RibhinnJust being Silly!Gillian is now big enough to be in her baby carrierJack having a Teddy Bear PicnicWe went to the park and played for an hour and half. I talked to 3 other mom's that was really fun. One had a 11 week old boy, other had a 2 year old boy and was 11 weeks pregnant with her second and the third mom had a 2 year old boy and was 15 weeks pregnant with her second. They all asked me Mommy questions about having two kids and stuff like that. It was fun being the "Expert" Mom! Jack had a blast playing with the boy's they played.... You guest it DINOSAURS!!! Jack makes new friends every where he goes. its so great!

While he was climbing the rock wall he ripped his best jeans!!!!! I mean RIPPED!!!! Oh Well what are you going to do!

Gillian sleeping in her carrier! She was out for awhile!Sleepy Girl!Bath Time!!

I have it so I give them baths at the same time! They seem to enjoy it too!

Story Time!!

I love this part of the day! Where we get all cozy and read books!!!

August 16, 2007

Gillian wearing a skirt for the 1st time! So cute!
The next picture is NOT for the people that have a weak stomach!!!!!

I got an abscess tooth and had to go to the Dentist. I guess I have to get a root canal! YUCK!!!!

Nice! Note the swelling has gone down SOOO much for which I am greatful for!!!


beth said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I can't believe how swollen your face is! I wish I was there to help you out! I hope it gets better really soon!

I'm so glad you had fun at the park! I'm sure it is nice to meet other moms and exchange stories!

I LOVE Gillian's skirt! That is adorable!

Gillian's pink bouncy bed thing is really cute. It looks cozy too!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

The swelling is almost all gone know that goodness! I feel a lot better.

It is a lot of fun talking to other moms and exchanging stories.

Isn't her skirt so cute! I love it.

Danny's girfriend Nikki gave me the pink bouncer. Its really nice it vibrates and plays music.

Kimmy said...

OMG Your mouth! That's crazy swole! I hope you are okay!

Kimmy said...

ahhh forgot to say, I love how great a big brother Jack is! That is too cute with the paci!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Jack is a great big brother! My face is pretty much back to normal!


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