Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lee Martinez Farm

August 10, 2007

I asked Jack what he would like to do that day and he said Lee Martinez Farm. I said OK lets get ready and go! We had a great time! Gillian didn't like to be in her stroller so I carried her in her sling. That worked great!!! Then she was a happy camper!

Gillian in her car seat ready to leave.

Jack and Gillian ready to go! Here we are......Jack looking at the sheep!
Jack riding a tractor in the play ground area.

Jack going down the slide in the play ground area.


Jack playing in the sand.
Jack looking at the goats.
Jack Gillian (in her sling) and me in the play ground areaJack trying to lift the hay bailJack looking at the GooseJack thought it was funny when the duck went under the water to eat!Jack and the poniesJack looking over the fence
Jack looking at the pigs. He thought they stunk....Jack at the water pumpJack looking at the water falling from the pump
Big Smiles Baby calf QT (Cutie)

The last time we were here QT was 12 day's old and was in the barn. Jack thought it was neat to see how much he had grown but he still thought he should be in the barn still.

Cheese its! (Jacks phrase for when he is in front of the camera)
Momma CowJack looking at the pond
The BarnJack, Gillian and I
(I set up the timer on my camera to get this!)
Jack walking up the steep stairs to the barnBarnOverview of the farm
Jack in the barn
Happy Boy!

Jack walking across bridge to get to the main part of the barn.
Are you coming Mommy and Baby Gillian?????
Cheese its..............
Family picture again but this time Gillian out of her sling!Gillian back in her stroller getting ready to go home! She was not happy!!!
Gillian by the geese
Bye Bye Farm!!!
Jack and Gillian by the car getting ready to go home!
What a fun day! Gillian was only fussy at the very beginning and at the end when she was in her stroller. Jack had a blast and listened to everything I said and didn't complain when I said it was time to go! I am the luckiest Mommy in the world to have these amazing kids!!!! Wish you where here with us Daddy!


Kimmy said...

awww i tried not to laugh at the crying gillian heehee. dylan says cheeseburger for his camera phrase. we have silly boys.

beth said...

My favorite part of the farm was always trying to lift the hay and pumping the water. I loved that place!

That's so funny that Jack says "Cheese it" for the camera! He cracks me up!

Wow...Jack is such a good boy!


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