Friday, August 10, 2007

I just had to share some new pictures of the kids! They are growing so very fast! I am so very proud of them!!!

Jack 8-01-07 Look at those eyes!!!!BIG Yawn!!!! 8-01-07Jack and Gillian 8-01-07Gillian posing for Mommy! 8-01-07Close up!Tummy time! 8-01-07Mommy and Gillian 8-02-07
Mommy and her adorable kids! 8-02-07
Gillian 5 weeks 1 day old she got cold time to bundle up!! 8-02-07 8-03-07
All dressed up! 8-03-07

Hanging out at GaGa's house 8-03-07
Jack and Gillian! They love each other so much! 8-03-07
Looking at each other! Gillian is cuing at Jack!!!Pirate Jack 8-03-07
On guard! 8-03-07
Library Day!!!! Jack on the computer 8-03-07
Gillian at the library Big brother in the background on the computer! 8-03-07
Gillian at the library 8-03-07
Jack and Gillian at the Library 8-03-07Getting cozy on the couch! 8-04-07
8-04-07Jack and Gillian playing 8-04-07

Gillian smiling at her Big Brother 8-04-07
Jack and Gillian's feet 8-04-07Our Happy Girl! 8-04-07Looking at something exciting! 8-04-07Looking at each other! Just relaxing! 8-04-07Jack practising his Yoga! 8-04-07Jack and Gillian getting cozy! 8-04-07Up close! 8-04-07Thank you for stopping by! And reading my once again very long blog!! Have a fantastic day!


beth said...

I'm so glad you love pictures...I get so excited to see new ones of the kids! I love Gillian's pink that the one you go at Wal-Mart? She looks really cute in the cherry dress too. Jack is always so happy! Did you setup your tripod to take the one of you and Gillian?

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Thanks! Yes its her $5 WAl-Mart dress! I love it! Holly took the pic of Gillian and I. Jack is alway's happy what a great kid he is!

beth said...

That is just like the dress I got for my friend Kerri for her baby girl. Only the one I got was lime green.


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