Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 18, 2007

Good Morning Gillian. We went over to Jenny's for Aunt Jo's Birthday Party. We had a great time. Jack played with all his cousin. They had a kiddy pool for the kids to play in. Jack loved it.

Grandma G.G and Gillian
Grandma G.G sitting out side
Jack, Bubba, Shayla, Braydon and Brooke playing in/by the pool
Jack and Shayla
Jump Jump Jump....
Jack having a blast swimming
Aunt Jo and GillianJack couldn't get enough of the pool. Even after the older kids got bored he went back into the pool right before a rain storm!Amanda holding Gillian for the 1st time!Aunt Sandy holding Gillian for the 1st time!After we came home from Jenny's Danny, Nikki and the kids came over to hang out. Jack loves to play with Peter.

Uncle Danny and Gillian
August 19, 2007
After a busy few day's I were going to just stay home and have a relaxing day. But then Mom and Dad called and asked if we wanted to go up to the mountains and have a picnic. I thought that sounded like so much fun so that's what we did. Mom and Dad picked us up and we went to King Soopers and got lunch stuff and then we drove up the canyon and found a picnic area. We had a great lunch and then Jack got to play in the water. He loved that.

Grandpa and Jack
Gillian sleeping in my arms.Family PictureMom and Dad
Gillian sleeping in her car seat right before we left.JackJack and GillianWe left just in time. It started to rain. We decided to get ice cream and headed to Old Town to get Walrus Ice Cream. By the time we got there the rain had stopped. New West Fest was going on downtown so after we got our yummy ice cream we walked around to see what was going on.
Gillian and I waiting in line to get ice cream.Precious Gillian sleeping in her carrier. (Thanks Mom for taking these priceless pictures!) She's my little princess!Jack dancing to some live drum music at New West Fest. He loves to dance! He is just awesome! I love his expression in this photo.
They had a putt putt contest and Jack went right up to the guy working it and asked if he could try. He's so not shy I love it! He putted the ball and then picked it up and put it in the hole. This made everyone laugh! He got a piece of candy for playing. Jack putting the ball in the hole!
Dad throwing a football into the target. He won a Army coffee Thermos for playing.They had this Big blow up activity maze for the kids to play in. Like at Pump It Up. Jack wanted to try it. The 1st time he did one of these things was at Pump It Up for Jonathan and Mason's B-day party last year and I went through it with him. But this time we went in by himself. He had a blast. I was so proud of him of being so brave. There was a ton of kids and it was so crazy in there but he had fun.
Jack at the start he had to climb the wall.
Next he had to slide down. Here he goes....
Under the tubs
Through the punching bags.
Then the Colorado Eagles had a Hockey game. Jack again went up to them and asked to play. He did great and got some candy for playing. We had a great day. We came home and crashed. This was so much better then just staying home. Jack and so much fun too!

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beth said...

I could so go for some Walrus Ice cream! I love that place! I’m a bit jealous. I love the pictures of Gillian sleeping in her carrier! Those are so precious! Danny doesn’t look like he wanted a picture of himself. You need to take some pictures of Nikki and her kids for me to see! Those pictures of Jack dancing are great! He is so funny!


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