Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 24, 2007
Happy 21st Birthday James!!!
Today we had a busy day. We ran several errands. And walked around Old Town. Jack played on the bear and fish play area that he loves to and then went into Natures Own and let Jack look around at all the cool toy's. We came home and the kids took naps and then it was time to head to Greeley for James B-day dinner. We went to the Texas Road House it was great. Since it was James 21st they made him sit on a horse saddle and take a shot. I didn't get a pick of the saddle but the 2 pictures below he is sitting on it. It happened to fast and I didn't get a chance to get up and move to get a better picture but oh well. After dinner we went back to the house and eat pie and James opened gifts. After pie Jack said he wanted a sleep over and sleep in Grandpa and Rhonda's bed. So that's what he did.

Left to right Dad, Gillian, Mom, Jack, Chelsey, Holly and James.
(He was trying not to be in the picture!)

Jack wanted to help Uncle James blow out his candles.

Gillian wearing my baby dress

August 25, 2007
Today with Jack at Grandma and Grandpa's house Gillian and I just hung out. And while she napped I got to read a book! It was great. My house was all clean and I finally got a chance to relax for a bit. That afternoon Gillian and I meet Mom and Dad and Jack at Grandma G.G's house.
Happy Girl!

Our Pretty girl! Tummy Time!!!
I love this picture of her! Looking up at something.

Bed Time!

Jack and I! I missed my boy!
Jack playing with his dinosaur we tried to build.

Jack making impressions from leaves, key's and sea shells. He got the idea from his favorite show "The Good Night Show" Making Something New each night they show a new craft to do. Its great. After we watched them do it on TV we went out side and picked leaves and got busy.

Jack watching "Make Way for Noddy" His favorite cartoon on the "Good Night Show" on PBS Sprouts

August 26, 2007
Today we went out to breakfast with Grandpa Bob and Auntie Boook. Then we went over to GaGa and Grandpaski's house to hang out. We had a relaxing day.
Jack and Gillian on my bed right before breakfast.

"No more pictures please!"

Baby Blues

Gillian and I
Jack playing his Mario Game with Ribhinn
August 27, 2007
Gillian is 2 months old today
Wow! Time flies!!!
Today we had Gillian's 2 month Wellness Appointment. It went great the Dr. was very impressed how strong she is and that she puts full weight on her legs when you stand her up. And that she can roll over already. She weighs 9lbs 3oz and is 21in long. She is in the 10% for head, weight and height. She is just prefect. We just stayed home after her appointment. She was upset still from getting 3 shots and started to run a fever. Also during her appointment Jack was talking up a storm like he always does then all of a sudden he just sat down and got pail. I asked him whats was the matter and he said his nose. And that was it. By the time we got home his nose was running like a crazy and started to coughing. So I had two kids that didn't feel very well. Poor kids. Nothing major but they just both didn't feel well.
Gillian smiling!!!!

Gillian napping after her appointment!

Jack reading his new Dinosaur book from GaGa.
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well?
Perfect book to read while they both didn't feel well.


beth said...

Gillian looks really good in that striped shirt. I LOVE the picture of you and Jack together! That is so good! I also love the pictures of Gillian in that green outfit with the matching hat! Those are adorable! Especially the one of her with her hand up! She is getting so big!

Kimmy said...

wow im tripping on how big gillian is getting. shes really gaining weight fast! i bet that makes you happy. i laughed at the no pictures please one hard!

is james your brother? yall look crazy alike! you know who he looks like too? simon off of 7th heaven!

i cannot stand make way for noddy! it makes me bonkers. what game does jack have? i have a DS too.

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Thanks! It is great how Gillian is growing so well. She is such a doll. I love the No more pictures please on too! Yes James is one of my brother's. He hates it when people tell him he looks like Simon! I will tell him! HAHA
He has the New Super Mario Bros. game. He is really good. We also have one of the brain game ones too.


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