Friday, August 10, 2007

Swetsville Zoo

August 4, 2007

We went to Swetsville Zoo with GaGa and Grandpaski. This was the 1st time Jack and Gillian had gone. It had been years since I had been. We had a great time! Here is a website that talks more about the zoo!

The Entrance

Jack at the entrance of Swetsville Zoo
Jack and Gillian
Jack and Gillian ready to go in and see all the Dinosaurs and critters!Jack sitting by one of the creations.
Jack and a DinosaurGillian and a DinosaurJack and an Alligator
AlligatorJack with the Fisher manJack and GaGaJack and the Bad Guy
Jack and a BIG Daddy Long LegsJack walking to the next sculptureI like this one!
You can say that again!!!This made me laugh!Jack and the 2 headed Dragon! He really liked this one!!
Jack thought this one was funny with the guy in the alligator's mouth!Pretty SwanGolfing DinosaurFishing
Jack under a Spider CarGaGa, Jack and Grandpaski under Spider CarGillian still sleeping while we walk around the ZooJack and 2 birds
Mad GolferJack walking across bridgeLooking back at the park
Cowboy AlienJack and the FlowersJack with the trainMonster Truck
UFOUFO, Monster Car, Aliens and Jack

AliensSweet Gillian smiling in her sleep right before we left.We had such a great day!

Have a wonderful day!

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beth said...

This place cracks me up! It is so weird...yet kids love it.


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