Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update once again....

I am trying to catch up on here and having a hard time finding time to post! Plus I put so many pictures on each blog that it takes awhile. But anyway its all worth it!

August 4, 2007

After we went to the Swetsville Zoo we went over to Mom and Iain's for dinner. Then we went for a walk on the way we played in some water, feed the donkey's. Here are several pictures from our walk.

GaGa, Grandpaski and Jack playing in the water.

Jack, GaGa, Grandpaski playing in the water with Gillian smiling in her stroller! I have two happy kids!Jack and GaGa
Grandpaski, GaGa, Jack and EvaSplish Splash! Jack playing in the water!
GaGa and Jack giving the donkey's a carrot and Gillian in her stroller Close up!Jack and Gillian with the Donkey'sJack and the Donkey's August 5, 2007

We went to Grandma G.G's house and then went to Red Robin for lunch with Grandma, Mom, Dad, Holly, Jack, Gillian and me!

Gillian in car seat at Grandma GG's (1st time over there)
Jack playing at Grandma GG'sAuntie Holly holding Gillian at Grandma GG's
Jack helping GG water plants
Jack filling up GG's fountain
Jack walking around the yard with Grandpa Dan and GGGrandma Rhonda and Gillian
Gillian smiling
Happy Girl!
August 6, 2007

Craft day!

Gillian took an extra long nap so Jack and I decided to make a few crafts. Jack made a paper plate car, paper plate mask, a snake and painted a porcelain dog for Gillian. I painted 5" letters spelling Gillian for her room.
Gillian after her long nap!
After Gillian woke up we went over to GaGa's house to work in the garden. Jack was so tired and it was around his nap time when we left he feel asleep on the way over there and slept for a while on the couch.
Gillian fell asleep on the way over there too!August 7, 2007

We went over to GaGa's and Grandpaski's again to work in the garden. Jack played in his sand box!

Gillian sleeping in her stroller by the sand box next to Jack and me while I worked in "Kristin's Garden"
Jack playing with his dinosaurs.
After working in the garden we headed home to change really quick and then we headed to Evan's to Mom and Dad's. They were having a Safety Block Party. They had Firefighters, Police Officers, The Mayor of Evan. They had a BBQ it was a lot of fun. Jack got to sit in the Fire Truck he thought that was cool! He didn't want to sit in the police car. But he was pretty tired by the time the police got there.
Jack playing with the Bubble mower he thought this was really cool! My Dad's Famous Zenia's! (I told you I would post the pictures Dad!!!)

6 WEEKS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 8, 2007Jack sleeping on the couch at GaGa's house! We had a play date earlier this morning and he feel asleep in the car on the way to GaGa's house. We went to Fossil Creek Park with my friend Jen and the girls she nannies. And I'm sure your not going to believe this BUT I actually didn't get a chance to take any pictures of Jack playing at the park!!! The kids were every where and Gillian was fussy any time I went out into the sun with her even though she was in the sling and or stroller. SO I stayed in the shade where I could watch Jack but not close enough to take pictures. This was also Gillian's 1st time at a BIG park! Sweet GillianMy eye's are not really closed!!! But on here for some reason they looked half closed. Anyway this is the new way I get stuff done around my house and the garden. Gillian LOVES this and I do too! I get to have her close and still get to us both my hands!!!Gillian in her slingBath time!!!Jack being silly! He said "Mom take a picture of me like this!"August 9, 2007

Gillian loves to sleep with her hands over her head!

Gilly Bean! Well as you can see we have been keeping very busy!!! And I only posted until August 9th so tomorrow or the next day I will continue to update! One day I will be caught up! Ya right! LOL


beth said...

The one of Gillian sleeping with her hands over her head is adorable! Also, she looks like she has a bit of a double chin...that is so cute!

Your dad's yard looks great...not that I'm surprised!

Kimmy said...

holy crap i love your hair, youre a new person


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