Thursday, August 23, 2007

August 17, 2007

Mom came over to visit. And her and Jack colored and had a great time. Jack loves to color. Sleeping Gillian
I made Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies and while I was nursing Gillian Jack got out his step stool and decided to decorate the cookies with animal crackers. Silly kid.
Bright eyes
So cute
Jack got a free bowling pass from the Library. He is in the reading program and for every 5 hours I read to him he gets a prize. He picked bowling. Mom, Dad, James and Holly came with us. They met at our house and we ate Little Caesars Pizza. The Bowling Allie on Horsetooth was closed for maintenance BUT they gave us free game passes to play at the one on College. We had a great time! James was the only one to get a strike. He got 3 of them!! I believe he won.
Off to a sleepy start...... Gillian hanging out in her car seat
Jack getting ready to bowlGrandpa Dan helping Jack
There is goes....
Nice job Jack!
Uncle James holding Gillian for the 1st time!!!Jack playing a game. He got bored of bowling pretty fast as soon as he saw theses other games.
Uncle James
Grandpa DanGrandpa Dan and Jack hanging out!Grandma Rhonda and GillianJack getting his ballGrandpa Dan, Jack, Uncle James, Grandma Rhonda, Gillian and Auntie Holly. (Dad is looking at his score.) Jack "I want THIS ONE!"Auntie Holly and GillianAuntie Holly (They turned on the black lights that was really fun!)Jack and Grandma Rhonda talking about something. Auntie Holly is the only one that listened when I wanted to take this pic! Thanks Holly!Uncle James and Jack playing!!! (He's really not chocking James it just looks like it!)I thought the wall looked cool!Uncle James trying to hide from the camera!Hipper Jack!
Grandpa Dan, Grandma Rhonda and Gillian
Jack dancing around"What? You talking to Me?"Not sure why but he love to lay on the back of this. Maybe to cool him down. The melt was maybe cold and he was running around so much it cooled him down?Random picture of James, Grandma Rhonda, Auntie Holly and Gillian.Grandpa Dan and GillianWe had such a great time. Jack went home with Grandma and Grandpa for a sleep over. He had a blast.


Kimmy said...

Ooh here's a tip! We take Dylan bowling a lot. I got to where I ask them right when I walk in to give me a lane away from the arcade.

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Thats a great idea! He would of loved to bowl more I'm sure if he hadn't seen the arcade!

beth said...

Wow...this was the first time James held Gillian? Where has he been all her life?

What a fun night! You need to be in more pictures though...I know it is hard when you are the photographer.


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